Setting The Tone

Ready or Not

No one should have to do

Anything before they are ready

Yet no one should have to

Wait either

Because sometimes fear tries

To take over

To block you

And make you

Believe its crooked lies

So sometimes

You have to


Ready or Not

Here I come…

And GO!

Full steam ahead

Because most things

We are afraid of

Are really our deepest desires

The bumps and bruises

Evidence they are worth

Fighting for

Charge on!


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

I was bombarded all through the holidays with a huge amount of email, and likewise on the first of this wonderful new year. Therefore, I decided to wait a few days to post this. I did, however, write it on the first of January. A big part of my yearly tradition is to do things on the first day of the new year that I want to be a major theme for the year; thus poetry writing. There were other things I incorporated into my day, but poetry has been and remains a big part of my life.

The angels and other spirits were with me so strongly last night. I will post some of the wonderful things that they told me, soon. Just know for now, you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing. This may not seem correct but know that you are and that you are loved. This was repeated to me over and over as a message they wanted to share.

Know the angels are with you too!



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