My Style

My style is free flow

Seat of the pants

Let’s see where this goes

My style is laid back

Comfy clothes

No make-up

My style is simple food

Good conversation

And laughter

My style is warm

I am not a cold weather or natured person

Like my dog Pudge

I like everyone

My style is nowhere near perfection

But close to the heart

It is saying kitten instead of cat

Puppy instead of dog

Girl instead of woman

Because we are young at heart

For some reason it is never boy

Unless it is my son and then he will

Always be my baby boy

I say hey for hello

I may not remember your name or even your face

I forget more and recall less

So introduce yourself again

Trust me

You’re stored in there somewhere

My style is we have more in common

Than not

We are all on a journey

So be nice

Speak kind


And spread love

That’s my style


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014


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