Navigational System of Angels

Going through some notebooks of writings this morning, I started with one from an old “blog” I used to write. After spending some time reading through the notebooks, I went to see if the site was still active. I was surprised to find that it is. I never took it down because it archived my writings. I didn’t think I would remember the password, but I did. Yeah brain cells ūüôā

Some things bear repeating and some things never go out of style. So with that introduction, this first appeared in The Heartbeat.

The navigation system of angels:

This came to me one day while I was out walking. The angels told and showed me many things and this is what it boiled down to:

Angels navigate by love.The angels see our planet from far away. Currently, what they see is that our planet is populated by fear and hate but they search and navigate by love. Where there is love, a form shapes and elevates above that area. In our time of 4th dimensional living the angels are encouraging us to change the landscape, the actual topography of our planet so that the navigation system becomes easier for them. The planet will be populated by these love forms, which are larger than the fear forms. The love forms extend and spread out blanketing everyone under them and directing angelic spirits that hone into that area. There are many angels waiting. The angels ask that we assist them to wait no more. They ask us to stay and be in love and to extend these forms. For those of you who live in this state of love and move around in it, amazing things are happening to the topography. Wherever you go, as you move, you pull and stretch these forms. They are very pliable therefore, they move and shift, yet the best part is that they stay enlarged. This is the multiplicity theory at work once again; for love can only multiply and expand. Once a form is shaped, it does grow or rather it flourishes reaching out and up providing nutrients to hungry souls. Surely, you can see how important this work of love is. Work as in profession, not to be confused with labor or burden because it doesn’t require the same type of effort. In fact, the more we let go and let love the better this system works and the quicker we change the landscape. Remember that all things change. This is a necessary and worthwhile change.

A message from the angels

Please be aware that for some this shift will be difficult. There are those who are designated to spiritually assist. Therefore, if you are having a difficult time adjusting into this new landscape or you are living in fear look for one who will assist you. How will you know who we are? You will know us by our love. We are the ones who seem different. We are the ones you are drawn to for some unknown reason. Yet, better still for those who are lost we will be sent to assist you; you will not need to look for us, we will find you. Therefore, have no fear or shadow there are those who will show you the way, there are those who will guide you, there are those who will hold your hand and a few we will carry to love. Your deep inner spirit wants to shift- let go, just let go- the rest of your being will catch up. Oh, so much love we all have to open up to and be in. Beautiful!

Be an open beacon for the angels to find you. It only takes a tiny bit of love light to shine out and lead them to you. They need our assistance to open and channel love to the universe. Remember the song “This Little Light of Mine”, ¬†be that little light. Shine on!

Love and angels,



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