You are a Powerful Source

This blog is a combination of me, writing to you, and the angels writing to you. Each time that I sit down to write, it is with you in mind. Each blog entry is a conduit to send out love and positive energy. Furthermore, as the angels share and comingle in this space, they know far better who will be drawn here.

I am often brought to this, and other things, the angels want me to do kicking and screaming; “No, no, no I don’t want to write today. I just want to sit here and read all cozy in my blanket.” Most days this winter that is how I have wanted to spend my days, cocooned in a blanket. I have not been very social or productive. This cold weather just makes for a slowed down pace. Yet, they don’t stop, they don’t slow down, they keep going and tugging and prodding and pulling. So, when you show up here, trust me I understand if you feel a bit bewildered and not sure how it happened.

The angels wish to speak to you dear one. We are all dear ones to them, yet they know when you will come to read these words and so they will make sure to put something here just for you. Something you will recognize and know. This may or may not be on a conscious level, yet your spirit will know and feel a tug; a flash of understanding and comfort.

I wish I could sit with you and do a reading for you in person. You would be amazed at how beautiful their energy is, yet they come through to you here too. Their writing is so easy to look at but difficult to read. That is because their language is not like ours, it doesn’t have proper spelling and grammar and all of those rules. Theirs is a language of love and it is spoken not to our intellectual minds but to our heart and soul. The energy it conveys is filled with light and love.

So, each of these is sent out to you with love.

I am come to speak to you with a deep command to show you the power and might of who you are- Who you are. You are more powerful then you have EVER imagined. YOU are such a force in the world. You must not hide or deny it~ This force of YOU is needed at this time to flood the world- YOU need to create~ and you do~ you are~ you can~ you will~ A climate change~ You must create and share LOVE~ You are a powerful source of LOVE~ it is what you are made of~

(Angelic writing)

Do you know who I am~ Do you know~ I am the force and power~ I am the Arch Angel Michael~

(Angelic Writing)

You must- Imperative! Use all





(Angelic language)




You have a never ending all supply

You- so



*He had me strike out the word use because we cannot use up or exhaust the supply of love that we have.

It is always very powerful when Michael comes. I have such respect for his warrior ways. He comes to bring you a directive to LOVE! He chose the image in this blog. I resisted an image of a white man, yet know that he is an image of LIGHT.

He just gave me a sensation about my neck/throat. This feeling has been with me for a few days, but today it is very strong. You are struggling, feeling chocked or strangled. This is a physical sensation for me, yet I feel for you that it is a spiritual event. Do not try to tamp it down or feel trapped. You know you already have the key to your release. Ask Michael to come and assist you with this battle.

Thank you for reading this blog. I am available to assist and share the journey with you.

With love,




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