Buckle Up and Hang On!

Spirit doesn’t always come through with fluff. Today is one of those days where we must face a few realities and understand that this is not all about cute kittens and fluffy cotton candy. There are tough things to see and to know. Life can be very rough and throw you curves you never saw coming, things that will knock you for a loop and send you on a ride. So buckle up and hang on.

There are times when I am doing a reading for someone and something harsh and difficult comes through. It puts me in a bit of a tough spot, as I consider how to offer it in a way that they will hear it for what it is; helpful admonishing. Yet, too often, we do not want to be admonished, critiqued, or corrected in any way. We want to be assured and coddled.

It is time to open our eyes and our hearts to the realities that we need to face. There are things that need to be cleaned up and cleared out in our lives. This is not about eating right and exercising this is about thinking right and doing better. We have let things slip as we have focused on the expedient things but not the right things. We must shift focus and get our eyes on the prize.

You have been using the wrong raw materials, you need to get down to the core, the basics and begin again. Things have spoiled and rotted and are not good for what you are trying to build. They will not sustain the project you are working on. You must look through every piece of material and ingredient, inspect it for quality and get rid of anything that is not perfect or your entire project will fail. You have known this for some time and you must not let another day go by without taking the time to weed out what is not of the best quality. This goes for the people that you have on this project too. This will not be an easy task but you must not overlook or gloss over any part or piece. Everything must be inspected and look at very closely.


The Angels

Thank you for opening your hearts and your minds to the tough stuff that the angels had to share today.

Sending love!



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