Catching Up! Prompts Out!

The daily prompts this week all spoke to me and I wanted to write about each one, however, before I knew it the week had flown by and I had not written any posts.

What to do? I would not normally find myself in this quandary, since I primarily write as lead by spirit. I do write from the prompts when something sparks or resonates with me. This week they all did. Therefore, I debated if I should post them together or send you multiple posts. My preference, in receiving posts, is less is more; therefore, think of this as a buffet for your reading pleasure.

Daily Prompt 2/9: Kitchen, Cooking and Ingredients

This prompt made me think of my grandmother. She loved to cook and she was a good cook. It seems that these two concepts cannot and should not be mutually exclusive but trust me for some they are.

My grandmother knew how to make a person feel special. She had a way about her that made you feel that you were worth your weight in gold and then some. She was very even keeled and non-judgmental, traits that I loved about her and have strived to emulate. She also was a well-mannered and gracious person, allowing others to shine while she stayed in the background.

The best treat in the world for me, growing up, was getting to spend the night with her. She would take each grandchild and give him or her a special time alone with her. I loved those one-on-one visits. The best part was that she would ask me what I wanted her to fix for dinner. She asked every time I spent the night, although my answer never changed. She would say, “Are you sure?” I always wanted the same dinner, spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and a coke. For dessert, we usually had Jell-O with whipped cream. My grandmother was a big fan of Jell-O.

The best part of it was being with her.

I remember her fondly today and every day. Sometimes, I think I have a grandmother shaped hole in my heart but then I remember that her love carries on and fills me up. Her spirit shines on in my life. I love you grandma!

Daily Prompt 2/10 Language or Speaking in Tongues

I would love to be fluent in so many languages so that I could speak to people all over the world. Yet, God gifted me the ability to write, speak, and interpret the ancient language of the angels. This language speaks straight to our heart and soul.

That is why this prompt was so interesting for me because of the writing/art work that I do in Angelic language. I have been doing this type of writing for most of my life. I have shared my story before and how I would get negative reactions from people and hide my gift away; but never again!

I got some negative reactions this week. It was very unexpected because it hasn’t happened for a while. I have been getting very positive feedback, especially here on this blog; thanks to you, my readers. Therefore, I was caught off guard and my first reaction was to put my guard up. My hair bristled, my claws and fangs threatened to come out; I was ready to pouncebut I then I realized that this was not a judgment on me, this was their feelings about what they were experiencing. I stepped back and allowed the angels to do their work. It was very freeing to not respond to these people and allow the angels to do the real work of speaking to their heart and soul.

This is what they do. They know us, our true inner spirits and natures and they know how to speak to that part of us that is way down deep. The resistance that people usually have is due to trying to figure out the symbols and writing literally. Yet, as I sat back and watched, I saw the angels stir these people and go deep into their heart to whisper to them; to gently nudge them into feeling and knowing with their heart instead of their head. When the angels get a hold of us like that it is wonderful.

Daily Prompt 2/11: Do Over or Iteration

YES please! I wish the entire human race could get a do over; a chance to do it right to and with Mother Earth.

I looked the word iteration up and had to laugh. I laughed because at first glance, it appeared that the definition was the same as trying, and I am not a big fan of the word try. I think it is a cop out. A way to shrug your shoulders and not really do anything. A way to walk away and feel free from responsibility. That is NOT good enough.

If we could really try anything then we could try to be an elephant and become one. Come on try, close your eyes, and imagine yourself with grey skin, big feet, and large ears. It will never work, you are doomed to fail. That is where trying gets you. However, if you make a commitment to DO something and it doesn’t work, you now have a choice to do it again or to stop doing it; at least you did something.

Then I realized that this, iteration, is exactly what we need to do. We need to keep doing it over and over again until we figure out how to not only do it right but also fix what we have broken. That definition really appeals to me.

Therefore, no regrets, there will only be learning and reapplying and fixing and mending all the broken pieces. Rinse and repeat…

Daily Prompt 2/12: Karma or Circle

This one is easy. I believe in full circle living, living that thinks of the past, present and future. I believe that the past can be healed, the present can be full of love, and that we can send all of that into the future. We are living in powerful times and we are powerful beings.

I wish goodness and blessings full of love on all.

Daily Prompt 2/13: 3 Wishes

I wrote a poem about wishes. The gem of the poem is that a true wish is always made for others.

Therefore, my wish is for you to have love, love and more love in your life; there is no greater gift I could wish for you.

Daily Prompt 2/14: I’m In Love

I am, it’s true. I’m in love with life.

Sending you all love,




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