Correcting the Balance


Just when I thought, I had nothing to blog about a few incidents pop up. Let me preface with this: I get my feelings hurt very easily. It doesn’t take much to get me upset and feeling down about the world and my place in it. Yet, I am also very resilient and bounce back from my hurt feelings quickly. My little trick for bouncing back, it is simple, I just ask myself if I can out give or out love God? I always answer no, so my remedy to any slight is to give more and love more. This is not an easy task by any means, yet it is a task that I force myself to do with the utmost urgency and discipline.

The first incident was that I was slighted by not being told that plans had changed and I waited an entire day for someone to show up. The other one was that someone reneged on an agreement, which cost me both time and money. The temptation, after these types of incidents, is to cut these people off; after all, I must not be important to them. My first instinct is to stop going out of my way to extend myself to others. Yet, I do not open myself up for nothing; it is to the benefit and the glory of God. I truly cannot out do, out give or out love God.

Let me give you an example of one of the ways that I use these slights to help others and myself grow. I have a jar on my kitchen counter, I fill it with my change, money that I find, money that I am paid for things I offered to do gratis, money that is paid and it was not the agreed on amount or money that was owed me for a long time and was written off but came in out of the blue. Most of the reasons on my list you probably understand, it is extra, it is found, it is unexpected. Let me explain the others; if someone pays me less than what they should or we agreed on, I normally would feel slighted and upset that they didn’t honor me with what I am worth. When this happens, it upsets me and makes me feel unappreciated. To counter balance that and turn it around, I do not want to keep those ill feeling funds, so I put them in my jar knowing that it will go to bless someone else. This shifts the balance back to where it needs to be; feeling blessed. Then someone will come to me through pray or other means that needs the money. If at the end of a specified amount of time, an individual person isn’t shown to me, I will write a check to a local charity.

I need real, tangible ways to keep myself from going down a dark path and changing into one of those people that are closed off and unwilling or unable to give to others. I do not want to let these slights and hurts get the better of me and turn me into someone else. I want to be open, loving, and charitable. I want to give since I feel I have much to give. I am truly blessed and want to bless others.

Sitting down to write this today made me remember that this is why I blog; because I am blessed and I want to share those blessing with my readers. I am blessed to hear angels speak and to be able to share what they say with others. I am blessed beyond words or measure.

Oh dear ones, we come to bring you laughter and joy. We come to bring you an abundance. We come to bring you joy beyond measure. We come to bring you love.

Our dear one here wants to connect and give to you. We are here speaking to her and she, with us, speaks to the universe. If you need us please ask. We want to come and offer to you anything you need. We come soft. We come gentle. We come with love.

Many loves love

The Angels

We will name ourselves if we need to… just ask


Remember we can not out give God and the holy angels. But we can have fun in the process 🙂

Love and angels,



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