21 Things

21 Things I Irrationally LOVE and 21 Things I Irrationally Hate Dislike

Dislikes: I will start with these to get them out of the way.

  1. The overuse or misuse of words, such as irrational, it is my list so it is my opinion and feelings therefore, it is not irrational.
  2. People who talk to me when I am writing or typing, I am easily distracted and I forget stuff very quickly so please refrain from interrupting me while I am getting my thoughts out.
  3. Cold, anything cold, I do not like cold weather, cold water, cold hands, etc. This list is endless.
  4. Pain, this one I might be able to add the word hate to, I hate being in pain or seeing anyone or anything in pain. I especially hate torture.
  5. Mean people!
  6. Bad dreams/nightmares, they are the worst because they ruin sleep and get stuck in my brain for days.
  7. Disregard for others feelings or well-being, for example you tell someone that you can’t be around cigarette smoke and they light up right next to you anyway and then expect you to move.
  8. This is a love/hate; technology, it evolves faster than I can keep up which leaves me feeling lost and confused.
  9. Litter bugs, come on find a trash can, it’s not that difficult.
  10. Pollution and other stuff that hurts Mother Nature, this one could be its own long list.
  11. Putting profits/gain before people/any living thing.
  12. Bullies! I know that is very similar to mean people but they need their own spot. Anyone that takes advantage of those weaker then themselves is worse than a mean person.
  13. Another love/hate; redundancy, if you just said it you do not need to say it again. However, some things bear repeating.
  14. The word TRY; either do it or don’t do it. If you attempt something then you did it. Likewise, if you don’t want to do something say so!
  15. Excuses; this is a tough one but really don’t give me excuses. If you need to explain that is fine but…NO excuses!
  16. Refusing to apologize or own up to; if you did something a wrong apologize and if you can right a wrong do it.
  17. Blaming; similar to the point above but you don’t just skirt the issue you put it off on someone or something else.
  18. Another love/hate, auto correct and spell-check, I want it to stop filling in or telling me that it is not a word when I know what it is I am saying.
  19. Judgment/shaming, it is not your place to judge/shame. Trust me you do not know enough about it to judge/shame anyone.
  20. Injustice, not really considering everything, and then rendering unjust decisions that have long-term effects.
  21. Ignorance, this is what causes so many problems, being uninformed is no excuse. From ignorance comes fear, which creates prejudice and other nasty outcomes.

21 Things I LOVE!

  1. Food/Drink, especially, leftovers, I like shopping for it, preparing it and eating it. Things like wine and beer go with this one.
  2. Books, this was not always a true statement for me, they were the bane of my existence when I was a child because I couldn’t read well. But now, my favorite things!
  3. Words, nothing is more powerful. They truly are mightier than the sword.
  4. LOVE, what’s not to love about love!
  5. Music, this seems to be on many of people’s lists, yet it is so true that music moves the world.
  6. Laughter/giggles, I love big bold belly laughs and children’s gleeful giggles.
  7. Simple manners, please, thank you, sir, mam, holding doors, etc. Teach these things to your children.
  8. Healing, so many things go under this from saying a simple “I am sorry” to miraculous healings.
  9. Renewal, as in spring but also in the many ways all things renew on a daily basis.
  10. Technology, remember this was a love/hate, without it we would literally still be living in the dark.
  11. Living for more than today or ourselves, the Native Americans believed that we should always consider seven generations down in making all decisions. This is a good way to live.
  12. Spirit/God/Angels and all that is shared between us mere mortals and the heavenly realm.
  13. Energy somewhat like that above statement, all living things have energy yet I also believe that things of the spirit have energy too.
  14. Redundancy; some things bear repeating and some things just naturally repeat or overlap. For instance, I can hear the words “I love you” over and over again.
  15. Joy, it is a concept often confused with happiness, but it is not contingent upon feelings it is a state of being.
  16. Lists, they make life easier and more compact.
  17. Open/Willingness, those that are open/willing to learn, to ask kind questions, to find out and investigate to improve relationships, procedures, etc.
  18. Questions, they are starting points to learn, to grow, to expand, and to improve.
  19. Auto correct/spell-check and other helpful things like dictionaries, resource materials and other sources that make writing and learning/expressing one’s self better/easier.
  20. Warm; warm anything, warm weather, warm hugs, warm blankets, and warm, warm, warm.
  21. Creativity, the spark that makes everything come into fruition.
  22. My readers, because without you I wouldn’t have anyone to read my lists/blog posts!

Of course, I saved the best for last. I’m a rule breaker and it’s my list and I thought YOU deserved a place on it; a bonus!

Sending you many of my favorite things:

Warm hugs, laughter, and angels,


From the movie Mary Poppins:

I LOVE to Laugh!


One thought on “21 Things

  1. I’m excited to do my list of loves. I think it’s awesome that redundancy is on your list– that’s so clever, and so perfectly you. I also love-love-love that song, and Mary Poppins in general!!

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