April: National Poetry Month: My Introduction

I have been slowly reading a book about Haiku: Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years. I have had to renew it twice already and I am not even to the halfway point. I could have read it all the way through a few times by now but then I would not have had time to savor and digest what I had read. Nor would I have had the inspiration to write so many little poems. According to this book, it seems that some of the rules have changed and that the old rule of 5-7-5 no longer applies.

I have also been working on organizing and cataloging my poetry. It is quiet the project because I have been writing poetry for most of my life and because I often write them on scraps of paper or in journals so they must be found and then copied, all by hand, into notebooks organized by year. I need to get them typed and saved via computer too.

Since April is poetry month and this is something I have been working on, I offer to you some of the little poems I have written recently. According to the style of this book, they would be Haiku yet I am not sure. Either way I like the succinct nature of the poems I have been reading and writing.


I liked the brevity of it
When first introduced
Though I didn’t know the word


Snapping the crisp sheet

Startled the dog

Out of sleep


Walked away
The watched phone


Who named you
Such a mouthful
For a flower


Tangy mustard
Cheese and crusty bread
Deep wine or
Dark beer
Taste buds cheer



Judy Angelheart
Copyright and all rights reserved 2014


2 thoughts on “April: National Poetry Month: My Introduction

  1. All of them lovely, simple and pure, I like this way. I’ll see if I can get this book to learn a little more. When we read this small poems they stay in our mind for long time. I don’t like very long ones, that when we arrive at the end we don’t remember what it was about, we can remember the first lines.

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    • Thank you! I had a great time slowly reading through the book and writing short poems. I am a rule breaker, so many do NOT follow the 5/7/5 but that is poetry.

      Stay true to your voice!

      I look forward to reading more.

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