New Theme, A Story and Taco Salad

Beta test of the new theme

So, here goes:

Once upon a time, I was fixing dinner, well last night to be exact, I was tired and had been feeling off all day because I forgot to take my allergy pill the night before. I was hungry, sleepy and a bit unfocused, which is not really new news for me, as I am often all of those things. I have been craving tacos, or rather taco salad but I needed the corn chips and the salad part. So, yesterday after running around and getting all of the ingredients (I am very picky about what I eat), I finally had everything I needed to make my tacos.

Meatless Tacos

Veggie crumbles- I only used a small portion because I am limiting my soy

1/4 jar of Newman’s mild salsa- you can always add more spice but it is difficult to take spice away

1 Diced onion- cooked tender in olive oil

A pinch of salt

A shake of nutmeg

A shake of chili powder

A shake of cayenne pepper

A few diced portabella mushrooms- to add texture and protein

Simmer on low, just so the flavors meld. Serve over a bed of mixed salad greens, coleslaw mixture and fresh tomatoes. Top with more salsa, some sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream. I like corn chips with my salad. I found a new multigrain chip with flax seed and quiona made by UTZ. You west coast people may not have UTZ  brand, but they are big here on the east coast.

But I digress, this is a story not a recipe, but I knew you would want the recipe so…

Anyway, while being slightly unfocused I managed to slice into my finger, while dicing the mushrooms. The interesting thing was it didn’t hurt. That is because recently my husband sharpened all of the knives. Now any good cook will tell you that a sharp knife is a cook’s best friend. Well, it was a clean cut but since I have a rule of “no blood in the food” I had to stop and go get a bandage for my finger. Sucking the blood while looking for the bandage made me think of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and of childhood. This is how my brain works on limited sleep and food. Oh yeah, and the rule was established by me but not for me, as it is usually my husband who manages the blood spillage in the kitchen. But a rule is a rule.

So the moral of the story is that good tools net good results, just keep your fingers out of the way. What does this have to do with blogging, it was time to sharpened my site by getting a new theme that will enable me to reach out to more of you. I do hope I will be able to figure out the best way to use this new theme to showcase my blogs and the messages from the angels.

Happy Friday Dance!



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