Calling Your Name


Sometimes, when I am almost asleep,

I hear, in the back of my head, a voice

calling my name as a question.

It calls out as if in a crowd,

but when I turn in my dream

no one is there.

And the voice returns from time to time, as if

it is waiting, as if I am somehow coming closer

to being the person whose name I bear

as though, if I ever arrive at the place

the voice is calling to,

if I ever truly arrive

I will turn and it will be there,

whispering my name, not as a question,

but an affirmation – graceful and gentle,

like a blessing, an answered prayer.

From The Threat of Rain by Michael S. Glaser copyright 2014

Printed here with the permission of the author- thank you Michael

Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of hearing Michael read this poem at an event. After, I approached him and asked if I could feature this poem on my blog, he said yes. Michael is the past Poet Laureate for the state of Maryland, a retired college professor and a gracious artist.

He captures the experience of being visited by the gentle provoking spirit of the angels, as they whisper to us the secrets of who we are. It is we, who resist the urgings to allow ourselves to be all that we are called to be. They know our true heart, our true nature, our true name. May you hear the whisper of your true name being called and may you know it and answer to it. What power would be released if we all were to hear with our heart ears…

With love,



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