It Just Has to Stop

It’s not as bad as an addiction. It can’t be, it doesn’t plague me and follow me around like a monkey begging for bananas. But, I find myself turning to it time and again; getting sucked in and hooked. That’s when the trouble starts…

I love HGTV! There I said it. Hi, my name is Juju and I watch HGTV. But I have to stop. As far as I know there are no meetings for this type of obsession. Maybe there should be. Maybe I should start one, but knowing groups they wouldn’t let me in; I’d never fit the criteria. For one thing, I don’t have cable so I can’t watch HGTV from my own home, instead I watch it when I go to my nanny gig. While the little guy sleeps I watch home make-overs. I love to watch the transformations of out-dated houses into wonderful warm abodes.

So, what’s wrong with that you ask? The problem is when I start putting down my own home. I start picking it apart and wanting to redo everything. The main problem with that is a lack of funds for all I want to do. Don’t get me wrong I know much can be done with little and we have followed that premise in so many ways already. But these shows make me want all new appliances, new cabinets, new flooring, new windows, and walls removed. And that’s just the beginning…

I could make a list of all I want to do to my house, and I have. I am big on lists and I know the power of speaking or writing something down and watching it manifest.

This may prove that I am headed in the wrong direction, I should list it and believe it. That is all well and good, yet it forgets the importance of being thankful for what God has already put in my life. Therefore, I need a thankful list:

My thankful list:

  • I am thankful to have a fully functional kitchen where I can prepare wonderful meals to feed my family and friends~ it was in this kitchen that Dimitrios and I prepared all of the food for our wedding
  • I am thankful to have a screened in porch where I love to sit in warm weather and listen to the birds or watch a great thunder storm~ I have also written some great poetry and created some fun crafts
  • I am thankful to have a guest bedroom~ this room has been a place of healing and sanctuary to family and friends
  • I am thankful to have an office space~ I sit here now creating this blog
  • I am thankful to have a wonderful master bedroom with a nice attached bath with a European soaking tub
  • I am thankful to have a small bedroom that we refer to as the basement~ we use it mostly for storage
  • I am thankful to have an inviting living room~ where we like to sit and read, sip wine and snuggle on the couch

In addition to all of this~ we live a block from the water and ride our bikes throughout the neighborhood for plenty of exercise. I have access to a neighborhood beach. We are not far from shopping, entertainment and major cities.

In my little notebook there are plenty of improvements I would make, I can pick apart each room and tell you how I would like to improve it to make it HGTV worthy but I want to enjoy my home. Making a house a home comes from the heart, not from the decorations or paint. This is why I made the thankful list above to point out to myself, and to you, that there is plenty here to love.

This is why I need to stop watching HGTV, it sets my mind to wanting and ruminating.That is not where I want my mind to be. I want my mind to be on thankfulness, on blessings, on joy. This all comes from the spirit of a home, not the furnishings.

I honestly don’t want to live in a TV show, I want real life. I want more wonderful meals shared with my friends and family, more cozy evenings sipping wine, more giggles of my grandson as we blow bubbles and chase the dogs.

These blessings and more come from the experience and the spirit. So, I am going to open my door and invite in love and the angels. I am going to cleanse and clear any negative energy. I am going to  be ever mindful and thankful for all that I am given. I am going to ask for the eyes to always see that there is so much good in my life. And then, I am going to share it because I have so much to share.

I have to go now and get to work, I have angels to let in and dance with. Hoping you too are loving the blessings in your life and dancing with the angels.

With love,



My boys assisting me in the kitchen. They love when I drop something while cooking. As you can tell they know they will get some chicken. The small table behind me was a well sought after find. It is a old farm table that has leaves that come up on each side. It is much lower than my counter tops, perfect for my 4′ 11″ self to use when making bread and such.


A surprise from my husband, a tilting mirror in our master bathroom. So now I can see myself.:)


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