A Calling to Awake


Daughters of Eve

Sisters all

We must remember the healer we come from

She was gifted beyond measure

She was truly the breath and joy of all

She came to bring companionship

She came to bring life

She was the bearer of the first fruits

Her voice was song and laughter

Her touch like honey upon the skin

Her hands created beauty

Everything she touched sparked anew

She was a wellspring of compassion and comfort

For both body and soul

She restored fellowship

A balm in every sense of the word

She was soft and able body

That moved with the natural rhythms of the universe

She knew all the ways and movements

Dancing along with them as easily as waves caress the shore

We are instilled with her beauty and her grace

Her skill~ we have only gained~ never lost

As we have expanded, not only in number but

Also in ability

We must summon forth all we have inherited

So that we may right and cleanse

To make our home a paradise once more

She has left us a way

She has marked it upon each of our souls

Can you hear her calling

We have never been greater

Nor the urgency so strong

Hear our great mother

Hear her as she calls

Wake daughter

Awake and know who you truly are

Now is the time to claim our destiny and be

Daughters of Eve

Sisters all


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

I name this Ember because we have inside us a small ember that is always burning, a light barely seen, yet we can be sparked back to our full flame and become all consuming once more.

I dedicate this to all of my sisters, especially Lynda, my heart sister.


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