Wholly Whole

“The only antidote to the unnerving effect of such incoherence is integrity. People and organizations with integrity are wholly themselves. No aspect of self stands different or apart. At their center is clarity, not conflict. When they get away inside to find themselves, there is only one self there.”

A Simpler Way by Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner Rogers


I feel like I am always working on myself; that I am in a constant struggle to define who I am, but then I realize what I’m really working on is un-defining myself from the labels and views that others thrust upon me and to see myself in the true light of the one who created me.

We are all working at being better people. Often that requires that we strip away the old definitions of who we are and redefine ourselves. Yet, more often, what we need to do is discard the labels that others put on us and find our true God given character. This is a freeing process as it allows us to become who we were meant to be.

So, when you find yourself feeling incongruent ask for assistance. God and the holy angels are always here to assist you in being wholly yourself in all of your love and power. You are the only you, and as such, the world needs you to be truly and wholly all that you are meant to be.

Dear ones we wait for the releasing of the power, yet we do come unbidden because there are others who are asking on your behalf. There are so many who are lifting you up. Often you will have no idea of the power and protection all around you. Have faith that we are there and we are bringing so much love and joy to your life.

The Angels 

I pour my prayers out for you; I pour my love out to you.

Dear angels lifting so many in prayer so they may know the love and light that true knowing/being brings. May they know that power and be lifted up and brought to a place where they can be wholly themselves. Amen.



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