What are You Watching

You should watch this movie! How many times has someone said that to you?

I am often disappointed with movie recommendations. I, also, find that movies too often do not live up to the hype that the media says they are. Often, the previews or trailers show all the best parts of a movie, so why would bother with the full feature.

However, sometimes they get it right, and you find a movie that touches your heart and soul in a profound way. The movie I watched last night did just that. Not just because it touched on a subject, heaven, that I believe in, but because the family struggled to understand the experience of a small child.

Some of you may know about my earliest memories of writing in Angelic Language was when I was four years old and that it was not well received by my parents. The parents of this small child struggle to believe what he says, yet at the same time, question how they can doubt it.

Whether or not you believe in angels, heaven and miraculous happenings I highly recommend a wonderfully touching movie: Heaven is For Real. This movie is about the power of believing in the things we can’t see. Happy Watching.



Hanging out with the angels,


Little One, Dear One

Often the angels refer to us as Dear Ones; that they would hold us in such love and esteem is both humbling and amazing.

Yesterday while doing an Angel Reading for someone, I got an image of a small child sitting alone. I realized that the child was that person’s inner child. Their inner child was feeling very lost and all alone. I instantly wanted to go and wrap my arms around this little one and reassure them that they were not alone and that they were going to be alright. Yet, I was told not to go to the child but to tell the person the reading was for that they were to go and comfort this child; their own inner child. It felt off putting at first but then I understood what they wanted this person to do, and how they wanted to empower them with the ability to comfort and heal their own inner child that was hurting. I then saw an image of their hand reaching out to their inner child and pulling the child in for a warm embrace.





This was a very powerful image and one I wanted to share with you because I suspect that many of you also have an inner child in need of some comfort and love. You too can be empowered to reach out and take the hand of that small child and wrap them in comfort and love. I encourage you to do this. Ask the angels to assist you, as they assisted this person. You and your inner child will be happier and healthier for it. This is so needed at this time. So much sorrow and sadness will be healed.

Blessings and love to you and your inner child,