What are You Watching

You should watch this movie! How many times has someone said that to you?

I am often disappointed with movies, I find that the they too often do not live up to the hype that the media says they are. I feel that the previews or trailers show all the best parts of a movie, so why would I bother with the full feature.

However, sometimes they get it right, and you find a movie that touches your heart and soul in a profound way. The movie I watched last night did just that. Not just because it touched on a subject, heaven, that I believe in, but because the family struggled to understand the experience of a small child. As most of you know, my earliest memories of writing in Angelic Language was when I was four years old and was not well received by my parents. The parents of this small child struggle to believe what he says, yet at the same time, question how can they doubt it.

Hopefully, you believe in angels, heaven and miraculous happenings. If you want those believes reinforced in a wonderfully touching movie I highly recommend: Heaven is For Real.


Hanging out with the angels,



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