Leaving it Open

It is always interesting when the angels speak to us in riddles and poetry.

This happened in a reading I did recently. The reading was very playful, full of riddles and references to odd but familiar things. Although, it seemed rather cryptic to me, the person I did the reading for said it made perfect sense to them.

Typically, when I do a reading there is a definitive ending but not with this one. For one thing, there wasn’t a signature. Yet, mostly it was just a feeling that they were not done speaking.

Most of the messages that I share are written to an open audience, with the thought and intention that they will be here for those who need it, when they need it. Spirit has a way of leading you to what you most need.

However, sometimes messages that I get for myself or for someone else want to be shared on a larger scale. This is the case of the 2nd part of the message full of riddles. This message is for all of us:


We are leaving things open

There is more to learn

There is always more, more, more

There is not time to waste and yet you are not wasting time

Each encounter you seek

Each one that you have

Building and knowing unto the last

Touch of head

Touch of heart

Know them together

Not in part

Let all messages speak to your heart

Then you can lead from your head

Where love is ~ go there

Grow there


From the angels

What a wonderful message from the angels. They are leaving it open and wishing to speak to us all; to speak to our hearts. They implore us to: Go to love!

With love,


Would you like to hear from the angels? Ask here or contact me via email.




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