Power in Knowing

I heard it, as distinct as if he were standing right next to me. Hauntingly the words came back to me although; they were uttered many years ago. Like lightening, it prickled my skin and awakened my senses. Fear flashed through me.

If anyone asks, you don’t know anything. 

Had I heard that right?

If anyone asks, you don’t know anything!

A harsh whisper demanding that I keep my mouth shut and be good.

An adult voice admonishing a small child.

But hadn’t I already been a good girl?

Hadn’t I already done what I was told?

Furthermore, why didn’t I know anything?

How would those words haunt my life?

How those words would haunt my life…


Echoes of the past taunt no more!

I wrote the words down, to make sure I saw them for what they were, merely words, yet a mighty edict they had been on my life.

If anyone asks, you don’t know anything.

I drew a line through them, marking out those words that held such weight.

Next, I rewrote the sentence to heal the broken and add power back into my life:

If anyone asks, you know everything!

When I first looked at the new sentence I wanted to deny it, it was arrogant of me to write that I know everything. However, I was told by the angels to write the opposite of the sentence that had echoed in the recesses of my subconscious mind for far too long. I had to declare that not only would I answer when asked but that I would know what to answer.

They didn’t want to just heal the broken; they wanted to add power.

What is more powerful than knowing?

To know that we can ask and it will be given…

To know that we are loved…

To end all lies and live in truth…

This is the power of knowing!

I share this because you too may have had someone tell you to keep unhealthy secrets or cover up things with lies. Know that you are being called to heal that part of you. Know that you are a powerful one and that all that you need is available to you.

Yet, you do not have to do this work alone, I  and the angels can assist you, with the work I do called Spirit Rescue to heal those broken pieces, restore you spirit and add power to your life.

Sending out healing energy and love,


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