When Angels Stand in My Way

Sometimes when we feel that all is going wrong it is really the angels protecting us from something much larger than we can handle at the time. Trust that obstacles are put in your path for a reason. Today the reason may be to protect you. Tomorrow it may be just to slow you down. Then another day it may be to put you on the path of immense blessing. Have a thankful heart for all the ways you are being led.


Two-Minute Tune-Up

It is for my own good.

On the days when technology is trouble

Or when I misplace or forget my phone

Or when I say the wrong thing

Or mess up an opportunity

Or when my body (or my car) refuses to be reliable

Or when I can’t find my keys

Or when traffic is brutal

Or the weather (or a relative) won’t cooperate

It is on those days

When I am forced to let go

Of the illusion of my control

And give honor to the Angel standing in my way

Slowing me down

For my own good.

As in the biblical story of Balaam, the donkey is not the problem.


She’s trying to tell us something.

Talking donkey

(see Numbers 22:21-35 in the Old Testament)

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