Light Shinning Through


I have always liked the left side of the couch. As a lefty, it is cozy and makes reaching for a pen or a drink easy and comfortable. Of course that makes the lamp to my left too, which is great for reading but not so great for writing; as I always cast a shadow over the pages I am writing on.

I have often thought I should switch sides with my husband and move to the right side of the couch, where I would not cast a shadow over my writing pad. It would be a good trade since he is right-handed and therefore must cast a shadow over his writing too.

Yet tonight, as I wrote, the shadow over taking the page was no longer the dark shadow I have always battled. No, tonight, as I did an angel writing in Angelic language, it was the hand of God overshadowing the page. This shadow, as all shadows, appeared to be following me. Yet, my mind saw a larger picture of God’s hand creating the true shadow to lead me in His ministry of sharing the messages from the angels. It is I who follow the prompting of the words coming through. I began to understand the purpose of the shadow of God’s light shining down and through; creating enough illumination to see the path ahead and follow it; step by step.

May you see the hand of God upon your life.

With love and angels,



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