The Good News

The angels woke me very early this morning. I have been sick for weeks and have been sleeping a lot. Early this morning the angels were in my room being extremely active. I finally decided to get up and when I did I was not disappointed, the sky was covered with small clouds that were red and orange. It was well worth getting up before sunrise to see the world come awake.

Like the beautiful clouds, I wanted to know what other good news the angels bring and was inspired to write this poem:

What News

What news have you to awaken sleeping souls and bring them up out of their slumber and into the light of love

What news have you to take the chill from the air and bring warmth to thaw cold hearts

What news have you to share to chase away the tears and heartsick blues

What news have you to get tired bodies to arise and dance once more the joyous spring to step that makes young again all old bones

What news have you to carry weary ones over troubled seas and rocky ways

What news have you to turn every key and set all captives free

What news have you

Angels please tell us all what news

The Lord is Risen to bring

All love!

The Good News!


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

Sending the angels out to visit you and bring you good news and all love.


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