Dry and Dusty


And their bright squadrons round about us plant;

And all for love and nothing for reward:

Edmund Spenser: The Ministry of Angels

From Angels a Joyous Celebration



Sometimes it feels like a slight case of the blahs, at other times it feels like a full-blown illness, however, most of the time it feels like I am walking across a long, hot desert with no watering hole in sight and no map to tell me in which direction to head.

This is not your average writer’s block, nor the muse having flown the coup, this is dried up with nothing…

Yet, this is right where God and his holy angels find me.

Since I have been having such a dry spell I decided that today I would challenge myself to get this blog put together and sent out in less than an hour. I am not a fan of rushing things but sometimes setting a time limit is a good way to get things done. When my kids were little I used to set a timer and tell them that we were going to clean for ten minutes and challenge them to see how much they could get done in that limited time. They always loved racing to see who could get the most done.

A little story:

On my birthday, a few weeks ago, I went to a used bookstore. I love books and I love bargains so a used bookstore is a great place to me; even though I had not been in one for quiet some time. I found three fabulous books I gifted myself for my birthday and I spent less than ten dollars; SCORE!

The first one, Angels a Joyous Celebration, a compilation by Courage books, is a wonderful coffee table book with fabulous pictures and sayings of angels. After I got home, I realized I already own it but with a book this beautiful, about angels, having two is not a too much. The second book, Angels an Anthology of Verse and Prose, produced by Anness Publishing Limited, is a lovely book. The third book is, Seasons of Prayer in Word and Image by Kenneth Boa with photography by Carl Alan Smith.

Besides being wonderful books, my intention, since I have been in a desert wandering with no end in sight, was that I would use these books to jump start my writing or to at least share some of the verses, quotes and paintings. But that didn’t happen; until today.

A little project:

I saw a post on Facebook about a “Gratitude Jar” and thought that it was an awesome idea. Yet, since I like alliteration mine is a “Joyful Jar.” I have being writing down things that I am thankful/joyful about every day. So far, I have done this each day and I have had more than one thing each day to write down. Such a small task is having a huge impact on how I view my blessings.

It feels good to have met my challenge:)

Love and angels,


PS: BIG NEWS Whisper of Angels is 5 years old today. I guess those angels wanted to make sure I got on here and saw this! Happy Anniversary to this blog!!!!!!


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