Taking Measurements

Angelic activity is always going on, yet sometimes, they seem to be working overtime. The moment I typed that, it hit me how ridiculous that statement is, since the angels neither work nor do time; let alone overtime. They do not operate in the sense of time or space; they are not confined to such things. Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to have that same sense of no time and no space.

I had one of those experiences this morning.

They want me to share with you about visions, it is important for you to understand how quickly they transport us to another dimension and back again.

I had a vision of an open door that led to a deep expanse of darkness. Yet, there was nothing foreboding about this darkness, it was more of portal. I had the sense of being invited to enter. Just as quickly the vision was gone. The door, I realized, was the door to the guest bedroom that I always keep closed.

The angels want you to know that they will show you things that do not make sense to your logical mind, things that will make you shake your head and question if you really saw it. This happens frequently with the angels.

Seeing this vision led me to open the door and go in the room. This is the room where I display many of my angels and spiritual objects. My eyes were drawn to the collection of angels on top of my antique hutch. I felt a male angelic presence. My next thought was that I have rarely seen male angel statues. However, I am most often visited by male angels.

The angels want you to know that they are neither male nor female but that they do present themselves ways that we can recognize and they carry energetic frequencies that we would equate with feminine and masculine energy.

Later, when I was making my bed and preparing for the day, I was thinking the word ministry but I said measure. Yes, I talk to myself. I then said that I do not measure up; that I would be weighed and found lacking (see Daniel 5:27).

I was immediately, rebuked by the spirit, and told I was perfect- made just for the purpose that God has in mind for me.

Then, when I was getting my breakfast, an angel told me to stop what I was doing and to stand with my arms up, in line with my shoulders.

I stood facing the angel that had directed me. I then felt the presence of a large male angel behind me running something down my spine to my legs and out both of my arms. He then stretched my arms open and back. He released me quickly and I sprang back to standing. I heard the two angels conferring about me but could not really distinguish any of their words. Yet, I had a sense that they agreed that I was the perfect measurement for ME!

*I always want to make sure I am using a word correctly, so I checked an online dictionary. I am confident the angels led me to use the word confer;

Confer- verb- to consult together, to compare opinions, to carry on a discussion

Confer- verb- to bestow a gift, favor or honor

I am confident that angels conferred a blessing on me this morning. However, this message is for you too. You too are the perfect measure to do what God has gifted you to do. When we are operating from our gifts, we feel joyful and energetic. So, please stop comparing yourself and putting yourself down and instead start celebrating all of the wonderfulness of YOU!

With love,

Juju and the angels