Such a Small Thing

Are your convictions higher than your love?

We all have an inner voice that colors the world around us with thoughts and feelings. The challenge is being aware of it so that we can question it. This awareness allows us to be malleable, it makes us able to bend and change.

I consider myself someone that is accepting of others. However, as I was in line at the grocery store I caught myself judging what other people were buying. I looked and scoffed at the foods that I deemed to be unhealthy and lacking in nutritional value. I had to pull my eyes away and command myself to stop because I didn’t want to judge my fellow shoppers.

This may seem like a minor judgement, however, so in the small things…

At times like this I have to ask myself are my morals and convictions creating a barrier that, my desire to love others can’t get through.

Words are powerful and so are our thoughts.

The driver next to me may not hear that name I muttered about them but the universe can. That person buying the groceries may not hear my thoughts but their soul can feel the judging.

I can use this awareness to cover and replace those thoughts with gentle words of love and encouragement.

I need to be kind to others and myself; I need to forgive myself for judging and ask for assistance in seeing others in a more loving light. Then I can send them love and blessings.

How would the world change if instead I prayed for other drivers to drive better and arrive safely at their destination or if I prayed that the food others are buying will nourish them and their family in body, mind and spirit?

What if I just sent love to others?

What if we all did this, every day, what type of world would we live in then?

Small acts of daily love and kindness, like the flap of a butterfly wing upon the wind, both can start an event that can gain momentum and become a raging storm; a storm of love!



One thought on “Such a Small Thing

  1. Being kind with others is like a reward for us, for sure we feel better with ourselves, I know it’s difficult, sometimes not very nice thoughts show up fast, it’s ok, we need to be kind first with ourselves.

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