We are Amazing!

We pride ourselves on high morals and convictions. We know right from wrong. We do the right thing. We keep informed and are active in our communities. We learn and grow. We are such wonders of thinking and imagination. We create and inspire. We are amazing!

All of this and more we are…

But, what about them… those other ones…

Why can’t they do it right?

Why can’t they be more like us?

Hold that thought…

Hold it right there…

They are us…

We are them…

There is no us vs. them

There is only the whole of humanity.

This is not about acceptance or tolerance.
This is about love…

Are our convictions higher than our love?

Hold that thought…

Hold it right there…

Love must be the highest.

For it is in and from love that we must operate, communicate, and grow. This is our base seed that we must nurture and water in ourselves and then share with others. We must catch ourselves when we are judging others and instead send out love. We must overcome our inner voice that speaks ill of others and replace those thoughts with ones of love and encouragement.

We are all in this together. We can all do things differently. We can all raise our awareness and our vibrational frequency to emit love; to live in love.

We can do this together in harmony and with the loving assistance of the angels.

Love, loves!



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