Experiential~ the experience~ doing something without expectations and allowing it to happen organically~ without force or pressure~ the wide-eyed wonder of the new day~ the believe in miracles of seeing things for which there is no explanation and even if there is it defies all known probability.


How do we suspend all our preconceived notions and believes? How do we let go of all we think we know? How do we become beginners again and again and again? How do we reconcile that we know everything and yet we have to learn it all anew?


We are such wisdom filled creatures and yet our knowledge wants to suffocate us from learning~ from opening ourselves to the possibility of it ALL~ nothing is what it seems as we open to the magic of the moment- allow it to reveal itself in all of its multi-splendor~ We make such poor witnesses of our own lives~ for we only see what we see~ we need to ask for an expansion so we can be given more~ more of everything~ more perspectives, more views, more angles, more time; a non-exhaustive list to be sure~ Live is rich and abundant enough to give it to us~ God is generous enough to give it to us~ We may feel limited but we are not~ We are only beginning to learn~ We are such newbies of being~ Being love!

This is something I wrote near the end of an all day retreat this week. I wrote it during our last silent time of the day. We had been meditating on the concept of beginning or becoming a beginner again each day. That is what we must do in order to find the magic/the miracle each day has to offer.

Today the miracle is an overwhelming amount of love. The angels are very busy right now. Allow them to come to you and minister to your heart.



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