The Right Choice Every Time!


It’s that time of year again. That time when he negotiates with me about how much lawn to cut. The war between what we want and what the neighbors will think if we leave the grass grow long and wild. Thus the great compromise, he always leaves a generous patch of wild for me to enjoy.

We are always negotiating; picking and choosing between what we want and what we feel we have to do. It is a constant dance where our steps frequently don’t match the music.

How do we get in sync?

I had a dream the other night; actually, I had the same dream with many variations over and over again. I was presented with choices, various and sundry choices, simple and mundane choices, difficult and colossal choices. Each time I would make a choice, I would immediately question it. I would regret it and wish I had chosen the other option or I wanted something not even offered. Each time I was told to choose again. I was told that all of the choices were still available and that I couldn’t make a mistake. I was told that even if what I wanted wasn’t presented, it was also available for me to choose.

It all seemed confusing and disheartening. I wanted so desperately to make the right choice and not have to keep feeling like I had to pick again or as though I was being fickle. I truly wanted to be content and grateful.

Yet, each time I was reassured that it was okay, that whatever choice I made was the right choice. Furthermore, that all choices were there and whatever I chose would align to come to fruition.

Each time the dream was repeated it became clearer and simpler; it became fun to choose and choose again. I no longer felt pressure to make the “right” choice but instead just made choices. It was a game with no way to lose.

It felt so easy, so light to play…

Then why does it feel so difficult and heavy in real life?

Dear ones, dear sweet little ones we came to show you how easy and fun it is to choose from all of the options in front of you and ones not even seen until they are. Yes, we are laughing, a joyous laughter. Oh so joyous. You must see and know that all is open and available to you. There are no wrong turns or wrong choices. There is only your path that you walk. And if you walk it with love then you are going the right way. Moreover, if you feel like you have made a mistaken turn, then turn again. The path opens before you each time. Do not buy into the notion of right and wrong, do not allow the thoughts of world to outweigh your heart. Follow where you heart leads, the heart leads with love.

Now, now, now you say that is too simple. Too easy. You want life to be challenging and difficult. Only because someone told you it must be. You feel guilty if you have it too easy. Why? Dear ones you are not meant to struggle and live in turmoil. You are meant to be free to choose anything and live out your dreams. Each dream is a piece of the puzzle for other dreams to come true. You are an important part of all. You living in love allows someone else the freedom to choose the path of love too. You lead the way.

So dear ones open yourselves to the path of love and walk it with open hearts and open hands. Invite all to join you on this wonderful journey of love.

 Love, love, love

The Angels

I get it! I really do. It is easy. It is light. It is love.

This is how we get our music and our dance in alignment, with and through LOVE!

Come dance with me!

With open heart and open hands,