Misty Morning


It is eight o’clock on a rainy morning. I know it is eight o’clock because the National Anthem is echoing across the Patuxent River from the Naval Base. I pause to listen. I pause to give thanks for my country and those who serve to protect it. I send up prayers for their safety and for the safety of all who protect. I send up prayers for those who heal. I send up prayers for those who teach, and that leads to another group and another and another…

Much like if you give a mouse a cookie, one prayer leads to another. This is how prayer becomes alive, how they become unceasing, as we continuously offer prayers and intersessions.

I look out the window and see that the rain has slowed to a gentle mist. This is how I envision prayers being, a gentle mist covering everything in a light coating of love.

Can you feel that falling upon you?

Yesterday morning I went for a bike ride. Accompanying me on my ride was a group of angels. They spoke to me and asked me thought provoking questions. They expounded upon and clarified some complicated concepts. They would tell me something and then ask “Yes?” and I would answer “Yes.” Each time they spoke a truth to me they wanted to know if I grasped it and agreed. These were not asked lightly, though it felt light. They gently gave me time to process the question before I agreed, because agreement is important. The angels will not go against our will. Often they need our agreement so that they/we can release the power they bring.

This is an important concept and one you can use as a way to test spirits to make sure they are loving, kind and benevolent. You must be mindful, as they were with me, to ask questions with a yes or no answer. Questions that can be answered by a Yes or a No allow you to get clear answers without anything else attached to it. Some people us a pendulum for this. Always ask them if they are of the white light and of love. Most importantly, remember you have command over the angels so if you suspect for one moment that you are being visited by dark spirits command them to leave and they must. Do all these things under the power and protection of our Lord Jesus.

The part I want to share with you is in relationship to time and our concept of it. God and the angels do not operate on/by our standard of time. I wrote another post about what the angels have to say about the concept of time.

They asked me what I saw around me. I looked and noticed that all around me everything is growing. Everywhere I looked, I saw green. They told me this is green time. Instantly, I loved the concept of time as a color. When I got down near the water they directed me to look again at what was around me; water. This then became what time it was, a time of water and tides; a time of continuous movement. They pointed out that the wind was blowing thus creating another dimension to the movement of the water and the waves.

Dear ones time is an illusion. What is real is what is around you. Look and see what is there. That my loves is what time it is. That is what needs your attention and focus. Yes time is color or an event or a nothing at all. Do not be bound by time. Be open to what is around you.

The Angels

Staying excited about this Green Time in my life. So many things are growing and blooming right now.