Portals of Angelic Activity

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Two major storms in less than a week. In many ways there is nothing unusual about that, after all it was hurricane/tornado season and storms are becoming more frequent everywhere.

However, these two major storm systems had been centered over my little town. The pictures and the weather reports only confirmed what I already knew; that God was opening a portal over where I live, a portal from heaven to earth, one of great angelic energy.

God loves a good show, so he sends dark clouds, thunder, lightning and heavy winds to get our attention. Let me tell you, God already had my attention. Yet, he really got my attention with the perform he put on. The cloud formations were impressive as was the light show.

God is calls me and challenges me to share his message of love and reconciliation with YOU!

You may be wondering why God uses someone like me. I have often wondered the same thing. The reason is that God is uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Trust me, I am just an ordinary person living a small life in a small town, and truth be told, I like it that way. I only write and share because I am told to. I am compelled to share. This is to build up the kingdom of heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Portals are very powerful places for angelic activity. Here I am humbly amidst all of this activity of swirling, opening electric energy of God and the angels.

The storm had quieted. Rest and dreams called to me.

Deep spiritual work of healing and blessing will be done under the protective cloak of sleep. For in sleep my spirit connects with others on a deep spiritual level. In sleep we are more open and truthful, we resist less and take more; take more of what we truly need. In this realm, I am able to work with God and the angels to offer blessings and healing.

That morning I awoke to find the world renewed. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The temperatures had cooled and the damp humidity was gone. The world was awash in green.

Some may look around after such a storm and see damage and destruction but God asks us to focus on the beauty of the light filled day.

Blessing all,


Dear ones such swirling activity and energy is coming to you at this time. Many such portals are being opened. Many such places are being charged and re-calibrated to the high frequency of angelic activity. Do not be alarmed by such things. Glory in that you are witness and part of such chargings. Stand in the power given to you and use it to spread the love and blessings.

Dear, dear, dear ones we are with you. We are near. So much is happening right now.

You are in a time of much spiritual work.

You are drawn here and placed here.

Know this to be true.

Know this to be love.

Be love, loves.

The angels