Can I Get Your Attention, Please?!

DSCN2642His name is Bear. He is a Westie, a West Highland Terrier. He may have been born the runt of the litter but he was given major attitude. And it has only grown. Being a senior dog, he doesn’t hear or see well anymore, which only contributes to his attitude issues.

He likes to rest under my chair or desk, right next to my feet. This is fine with me, except when I get up and move his reaction is extreme. He growls and goes into attack mode. Since, my feet are typically bare or not completely covered during these summer months I have to be cautious. The problem is I often forget or don’t realize he is there. Talk about your sneak attack.

Today I knew he was there, so I called his name, once, no reaction. I called it again and got some acknowledgement so I figured it was okay to get up. I was wrong. He snarled and went into attack mode.

It occurred to me that I am often like that when God and the angels are attempting to get my attention. They call but I am too busy to hear. They call again but I am otherwise occupied. They tap me lightly on the shoulder and I ignore it. They prod and I want to attack.

Why do I do this? Why do we all do this?

We know that they come with love and blessings and yet we get upset when they interrupt our lives for such things. We get snarky and swat away the gifts they are bringing us.

This is why we are asked, nay charged with being awake in the spirit. We must live in the spirit and walk in the spirit, ever ready to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

Angels what say you?

Dear ones we always come to you gently and on a soft breeze, even when you deem something urgent we know that we can come softly and gently to bring the love and healing you need. We do come justly and in force, (numbers) when needed yet even then, we do it with light and love.

Oh dear sweet ones you want us to come and yet when we do you ignore us and shoo us away. You tell us our timing is not right when our timing is always perfect.

Love and the energy we bring. It is always in sync with what is perfect for you at that very moment.

We do call, we do prod, we do…

Yet often we whisper, we lightly brush, we flash past…


Open and allow

Invite us in and allow us to come

The Angels


Thank you angels for the reminder that once we invite you in we need to be open and allow you to come in.

Say this three times:

Invoking the angels to come…

I am open and allowing them to come…

Sending angels out to softly touch and speak to you,


Postscript: Bear went over the Rainbow Bridge in August 2016. Rest in peace my buddy Bear.  Thank you for assisting me in writing one of the best posts I have ever written.