We all have two choices

Hide away behind all kinds of false facades and walls

Or be out there

To put one’s self forward is a risky proposition

However, it was never intended to be

We are each endowed with our own unique-ness

No two of us are the same

We should celebrate this every day

Yet that is often not, what we experience

Society wants conformity

Religion wants conformity

Politics wants conformity

And the biggest, most oppressive institution of all

The one that wants us all to fit in the same mold


Forcing their canned spam down our throats

Rather than allowing us to learn and grow



Grading and scoring

Tattooing and scarring

Then when we rebel

Don’t fit in

All hell breaks loose

We all loose

As one more

Gives up


Buries and hides

We must unearth and reveal

Revel in the ways we are designed

Look for new paradigms

To not teach but to share

To engage so that natural

Curiosities are peaked and fulfilled

No longer, dictate and define

Trying to categorize and sort

Rather, to enlarge and encompass all

While pinpointing the gift of each

Infinitely amazing

Precious one


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved July 2015


I’m ready for this, are you?

I am celebrating the unique you:

The one, the only, often imitated but never duplicated you!

Join me in celebrating us all!

Testify- submit a picture and/or paragraph about the one and only you.

With love and celebration,



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