Amazing Me!

I amaze myself sometimes. I do not say this to brag. I say this because I often am amazed at the things I have accomplished. The reason it amazes me is that often I feel like I am not accomplishing much. I find my days leaking away from me. At the end of many days, I only manage to get some laundry done and read part of a book. Other days I am a whirlwind of activity and get all kinds of things done. However, often I find myself in the first category with my days passing by and little to show for them; not that I am trying to impress anyone. On the contrary, I am just stumped to find the answer to my conundrum.

Just yesterday, I was chatting with a friend and I mentioned that I hadn’t written my blog lately. She said that I should get right on that. Of course, my hairs stood up. I have berated myself the same.  But, as another friend always used to say: Woulda’, coulda, and shoulda’ died yesterday. Therefore, I cannot dwell on those things and must instead look at the larger picture.

Therefore, let me share with you some of the fun and interesting things I have been up to:

I have hosted a yearly women’s retreat for the last few years. This year I decided that once a year was not frequently enough to get together with some awesome women and enjoy delving into spiritual topics. Therefore, I have been hosting monthly events. Each month I have cleaned my house, made some yummy snacks, come up with a topic and lead the group in some fun spiritual exploration.

The first month I led the group through two meditations. The first meditation was a healing history journey. However, I expanded it to include our current history and out into our future generations. The second meditation was an angelic one. The angels came and assisted me in offering a blessing on each person. They both were very moving and powerful meditations.

The second month we met at a local beach and celebrated The Day Out of Time, a Mayan day that is for forgiveness and blessings. This day is July 25th and this year fell on a Saturday. We offered forgiveness to ourselves most of all; this is something we too often forget to do. Then we threw flowers and herbs into the water to send out blessings. We asked for healing of the water as it supports us bodies every day.

The third month we did clearing, grounding, and protection exercises to assist us in doing our work and/or for when we have others work on us. It was interesting because I experimented with hosting at a house that is used through our local parks and recreation. The house needed and benefited greatly from our being there that day. We used some fun tools and of course our own energy to produce powerful results.

The next month we worked with intuition and pendulums to explore our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We created a Venn diagram to assist us in finding out where we needed assistance. We worked with essential oils. Each bottle of oil had it label covered and allowing us to use our intuition and the pendulum to determine which oils we needed and in which area of our lives we needed it. After each person used their pendulum on all the oils and determined which ones they needed most we created bath soaks and sugar scrubs with the oils; thus alchemy.

This month we created art using both hands simultaneously. This allowed us to use our non-dominate hand, a powerful way to awaken our creativity and our energy. This also uses both sides of the brain opening up more creativity. We explored working with our eyes open and our eyes closed while listening to spiritual music. The last piece we created collaboratively; each of us started our own piece of art then we passed it to the person next to us until it came back to us. This gave us an opportunity to share our creativity and synergy.

What I realized while chatting with my friend yesterday is that I have been putting my energy into these live events. They have been fun yet they also have been challenging because I have had to create/plan what we will be doing each month. I have been enjoying gathering with others to share, to create, to learn and to grow.

Next, up…. I am not sure. However, I do know that we will have fun and a wonderful time of fellowship growing in our love and appreciation of each other and ourselves.
As I said sometimes, I amaze myself.

What fun and amazing stuff have you been up to?

Share here or email me at

PS: If you are in the Southern Maryland area and want to join us, let me know. I am also willing to travel to join your group and lead you in one of these fun activities.



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