Our Sunday: Local Breweries and a Concert

Plans for a rainy Sunday aka Day One of NoBloPoMo 2015:

  • A tour of a local brewery
  • A jazz concert
  • A tour of another local brewery

All of the above are free! Yes, you read that right. The tours are courtesy of a little known benefit using our library cards known as “Explore Your Community.” On that site local businesses and attractions, offer free passes or discounts to entice people to come and check them out. Most of the passes offer free admittance and in the case of the local breweries, they are offering two free!

The jazz concert is part of a music series that is offered free at the local community college. We have gone to many fabulous concerts at the college. In the summer, the concerts are outside on the lawn; people bring their chairs and picnic baskets. Now that the weather has cooled off the concerts are inside.

We have toured both of the breweries before but since they are always making something new, it will be fun to visit again. The one we are going to after the concert is having their pint weekend and today is Small Batch Sunday, where they brew up something interesting.

I will check in and let you know how it all went later today.

I am so excited to fill you in on our fabulous day.

Our first stop was at Scorpion Brewing, as I said we have been there before and have liked their beers. Today, however, we didn’t find any of their five brews to our liking. Therefore, it was a short visit.

On the way back down the road we decided to stop in at Nick’s a local grocery store and deli. They do beer tastings from small breweries. We tried a few of the samplings for today and found one we really liked from a new brewery out of Cambridge called RAR. We decided to buy a growler of the Big Lizz to take home and enjoy, it is a nice fall offering made with both pumpkin and butternut squash.

We then went to the college for the concert. What a treat, the Unified Jazz Ensemble out of Washington, DC, they are so energetic and alive they were as much fun to watch as to listen to. They played a nice selection of jazz tunes both familiar and unfamiliar. I had no idea that Charlie Chaplin was a composer.

Yet, the most exciting part of the concert is that sitting right next to us and enthusiastically enjoying the show was a YouTube sensation from Bolivia, Jose Andre Montano the ten-year-old piano prodigy. I kept thinking that he looked familiar but it wasn’t until I spoke to him after the concert that I found out who he was. What an honor and a joy to meet this very talented young man. As we were leaving, I told him how nice it was to meet him and he said God Bless You to me. My heart was filled to the brim.

In addition, I won one of the door prizes; a free from the band. My husband liked them so much that he bought another cd.

We still had one more place to visit, the other brewery, Mully’s, to get our free samplings. They had some fabulous brews on tap. They had made a amber ale, Ales for Tailz: Doggie Stylez, that they brewed as a fundraiser for the local humane society; we got a six-pack of that and a blonde stout that we got a growler of. We so enjoy visiting this brewery because the owners are so personable and fun to talk with.

Yes, we had a fun day. To top it all off the weather was gorgeous and the fall foliage was at its peak.



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