A Word is a Word, NOT!

It is only day three and already I feel like I will never be able to do this blogging everyday. I am at the end of a long day. I am tried. I need to go take a shower and go to bed.

Yet, I have made a commitment and I have to stick to it. It is only a few days of my life, therefore, I can do this. Gosh, even my pep talking isn’t working. I feel false and lame. Lame as in broken, not as in stupid. Although to be honest my brain is feeling a bit sluggish. However, I do not believe that anyone is stupid. It is a word that I feel should be stricken from the English language. There are a few others I would ban. But then I think that I don’t like banning things, especially free expression of thoughts and ideas; with freedom comes responsibility to be kind. Stupid is not a kind word.

This leads me to think about the conversation I had to insert myself into today. A young lady told a young man at the high school, where I was substitute teaching, not to bring his light skin self over near her. I was appalled, as I was by hearing another young man refer to his friend as a Niger yesterday. I am reading a book right now and according to the author the original meaning of the word negro was the absence of color and that food was more often used to describe a persons complexion. I prefer the word complexion because we are all the same, we are just different shades of wonderfulness. That is what I told the young lady that spoke to the young man with lighter skin. She agreed with my assessment of skin tones. However, it is a shame that she and the young man and the other students I have encountered the last two days don’t seem to think that there is anything wrong by speaking to and about each other with such negative connotations. They have no idea that power of their words toward each other. By the way I heard many of the young people talk about each other in negative ways, not all of it had to do with color much of what I heard was calling each other stupid and other things.

Sometimes all it takes is an awareness in order to harness our minds to bridle our tongues. My wish is that they and all of us take a moment to think before we speak and evaluate and elevate our language so that it flows forth in a stream of kindness and love.

I am hopeful it can happen.

It starts with me. Are you in? Add your all in below.



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