I Can Post That…

Yes, friends my good  intentions went astray. However, I posted, or rather composed, some wonderful posts in my sleep, while out walking, while brushing my teeth, driving my car, eating, etc. You get the picture. I would draw you one, but alas, I am not very good at that.

I could berate myself. I could just quit. I could do so many things. However, I have decided that it is okay NOT to be perfect and that the most important part of a challenge is to grow a few muscles. Those muscles can be physical (I could use more of those), mental (mine are pretty pumped up), emotional (oh yeah my emotions are in great shape~ I read a funny book yesterday), or spiritual (Always).

Yesterday, I sang to you. The day before I told you a story. The other night I dreamed you and I went on an adventure of the most magnificent magnitude.

Today I am dropping in to say HI! 🙂

Each and every day I send you LOVE and ANGELS!



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