The Three C’s: Cooking, Cleaning and Creating

We are having a blizzard this weekend. Therefore, I, along with most of the East coast went to the store to stock up on essentials. For me that list is food, chocolate, wine, books and movies.

After getting some cleaning done, it was time to cook, I made Leek and Potato soup with Irish Soda Bread.

Leeks are such fun to prep because you have to get all the dirt out from inside the tightly packed leaves. My method is to chop them up and then soak them. They looked so pretty floating in the sink.
The cut pieces must be separated to clean thoroughly. In the process of doing that I used the gentle motion of stirring and separating to send out healing energy.
Water is a great conduit for energy and food is a great depository of it. Next it was time to create some art work. I have been painting and giving away these little boxes for years. I call them Blessings Boxes and each one has a poem inside that explains how to “use” the box.



These ones are drying after their first coat of paint. I love making such simple and yet profound artwork.
The simple process of cleaning floors, preparing food and creating art…
It has taken me some time, yet I think I have it…
I am an Artist!
Although, my art, my poems, even my cooking, may be simple and uncomplicated, that is fine. No, it’s better than fine, it’s FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
Sending out healing and creative energy.
Love and angels,


2 thoughts on “The Three C’s: Cooking, Cleaning and Creating

  1. Lovely post Juju, I like leek and potato soup, but nobody else like it here, so if I made I have to eat everything by myself, not such a great idea. Love your art, simplicity is perfect for an art project. The boxes are great, let me see if I understood, do you place a poem inside and give them to someone so they have a surprise when opening it? Such great idea! The cleaning part isn’t my favourite, but I agree sometimes can be a therapy. Have a great night and enjoy the full moon.


  2. Elizabeth,
    Soup freezes well. In addition, my husband has a crew of men that will generally eat anything I send in. And one of them is a vegan and this is a vegan-friendly soup, so I am sure he will eat it, even if the other guys won’t. SO no worries there.
    The little boxes started out as a virtual gift. Yet, I wanted to make it a 3-D gift. This occurred at about the same time I started officiating weddings. I give a Blessing Box to each couple right after I pronounce them; it is their very first gift as a newly married couple 🙂 I do give them to others yet they are my signature and blessing for each and every marriage ceremony I perform.
    I host a monthly women’s group, each month I think of some fun and spiritually uplifting activity to do and fix some yummy food. So, the cleaning was in preparation of them coming, although the weather nixed them coming, I still got a clean house. BTW, I moved our meeting to next month.
    Wish you lived closer, you would made a perfect addition to our group.


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