Staying Warm

During these cold, winter months I tend to go into a quieter space. I want to read good books, drink beer, cook, and create, but because I am stuck inside so much. I also want to clear and clean. I want to make my space, my home, more comfortable and cozy.

It is FREEZING here. I realize it is cold in many places; it is winter! However, it is really cold this weekend in my corner of the world.

I don’t do well in the winter, things ache and hurt. I’m not complaining, I am just stating the facts; for me. Therefore, please don’t pity me, feel sorry for me, and for heaven’s sake don’t get upset with me because I am expressing what is true for ME!

For many people, this type of weather is just what they have been waiting for; they have been running their air conditioners up until now. Finally, they cry, I can go outside and not be HOT! I feel for them, because I am the polar opposite. I wait and wait for warm weather; however, for me once it gets warm, everywhere I go has the air conditioning blasting to polar bear chill temperatures. BRRRR!!!!

This is why I am most happy and most comfortable at home. I control the thermostat. I know that there are no scented products being used. I know that I can find or fix something yummy to eat. This all makes me a happy camper.

The big dilemma; I am a SOCIAL butterfly. I like getting out and going places. I like meeting new people. HOWEVER, it is too darn cold. That, plus let’s face it, winter clothing is just not as cute or as comfortable as summer clothing. I love my summer wardrobe, the flowing skirts, the sandals, the light fabrics. In the winter it is layer upon layer of warm, dull clothing, this way of dressing, of course, produces an abundance of laundry. I like doing laundry; it is one of my favorite household tasks. However, I do NOT like the piles upon piles that must be washed every other day so that I have enough clothes to wear in layers upon layers to keep me warm.

Here is the real kicker- my electric bill in the winter… Yes, as you can imagine is quiet HIGH! Fortunately, I am on a budget plan, I pay the same amount each month all year long. This saves me from going broke over the winter keeping warm. YEAH!

Therefore, today I stayed home in my purple fuzzy pj’s with my purple fuzzy socks with the hearts on them ALL day! And because of technical challenges the pictures will be sent in a separate post.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by.

Sending out warm hugs and high vibrations to keep you snug.



PS: The hubby made lentils and carrots in beer. My belly is happy. Still sipping my Barely Wine, it finally is at room temperature. YUMMY!!! 🙂


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