Soft, Falling…




Just as I was falling off to sleep, it began, softly falling upon the roof. Odd because usually there is wind sweeping in first to indicate the coming of the rain, yet not last night as the first drops fell to lull me off to sleep. I woke in the middle of the night to the same soft e3b19e10ef517c261f8a829d692649c8rain; it comforted me to know it was still raining gently. Its music led me back into my dreams. This morning the light rain sung to me to sleep in yet I woke up just to hear her song of spring. After I was dressed, I left my room and went to let the mewing cat out. When I opened the door, the first morning light was just beginning to illuminate the day and birds were loudly serenading the dawn. The rain had stopped. Overnight the light falling, dancing rain had turned the world green; the lovely green that only is visible right after a rain. When all of the plants have filled their veins and are showing their full colors brought on by the sustaining, life giving rain.


I love the rain, especially the soft gentle rain. I hoped it would last all day, as it is my last day of spring break and I wanted to spend it with a mug of something warm reading a book. I can still do that, if I choose, I don’t need the rain as an excuse or reason.


Looking out the window, I am so thankful for the rain, the green, the spring when everything is waking up from its long winter nap. I am so thankful that my hubby and I did yard work all day Saturday, everything looks so neat and clean revealing all of those growing, green things!


Happy Green Spring!




PS: The angels say that we need to look for signs of beauty and love and focus on those things at this time. Right now that is easy for all around me I see beauty and love, lovely green and birds singing, love, love, love.




2 thoughts on “Soft, Falling…

  1. Wonderful post Juju, the same here, lots of raining last night, I love to sleep hearing the rain song. The Earth is happy with all the rain, it’s the right time for her. Lots of wind today, I skipped the work to be at home with the kids, no school for them today. Have a great week!

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