Recapping: Sprititual Study Group

A few years ago, I hosted a day to gather and celebrate being women, called “Ladies Day at the Beach.” My husband took the dogs and left for the day so that I could host it. The first year, we met at my house and then later went to the beach where it was cool and windy but we had a blast. We shared a day of doing spiritual work, enjoying good food, and fabulous friendship. It was so much fun, I decided to make it an annual event.

I hope you will take the time to read and respond to this recap of the year we have had:

June 2015 Ladies Day at the Beach was held on a rainy Saturday and we didn’t even go to the beach. In the morning I did a powerful healing meditation, I called “Healing History” where I led them through our shared history, their personal history, their present and out into the future. I have since changed the name of it to “Healing Your DNA.” After the meditation, we took a break to get some refreshments. We went out on my screened in porch and ate, talked and enjoyed listening to the gentle summer rain. After we came back inside and did a Gifting Circle, a yearly tradition, I then settled everyone in for another meditation of Angelic Healing and Blessing. Each woman was gifted with an Angelic symbol from the angels. This was such a powerful and moving day.

Shortly after our gathering in June 2015, I was called by God and the angels to do more, to give more. Thus became our monthly “ Spiritual Study Group.” I wanted to expand the group, allow more people to come, and not have to ask my husband to take the dogs and go, so, I started looking for a location. I thought I found a place, but after one meeting there, I determined it was NOT the place. My goal was to keep the group free, or at a low cost to everyone, including myself, but I could not find a place that would allow me to do that. Therefore, I brought the group back to my home.

The other thing that came out of the June 2015 meeting was I had the workshops I wanted to present on a larger scale at Karma Fest.

Opening my home on a monthly basis has allowed me to keep the group free. This was one of my main goals since I did not want anyone to feel that they were signing up for something or that they needed to come up with funds in order to join us. Moreover, I wanted to be a hostess, offering hospitality and friendship.

Thus, each month has been so much fun as I consider a date, create and plan an activity, clean my house and prepare for guests, and shop and prepare the food.

We have met most often on Friday’s because it works well for me and some of the people are off alternate or every Friday.

July 2015 I invited everyone to join me at the beach on Solomons Island. I wanted it to be at a public beach because we were doing a healing ceremony for the water. The Mayans called this day, “A Day of Out Time”, it was a day to step out of your daily routine. This day was for healing and restoration, a day of forgiveness. We gathered at the water and I led everyone in a healing prayer. We then offered fresh cut flowers and herbs to the water. It was a beautiful morning. This was one of our shortest meetings, as we dispersed to go on with our days, although I had invited everyone to adjourn to Lotus to get something to eat or drink.

August 2015 This is the meeting where we tested out what I had hoped would be a good meeting place. Although, it was not a good place to meet on a regular basis, it was the perfect place for what we did that month. It was an unseasonably cool day, a bit rainy in the morning and then it cleared and was so refreshing in the middle of the summer. I led a workshop called “Clearing, Grounding, and Protection”. For each section of the workshop, I led the group in exercises to clear, ground and protect themselves and their environment. The little building we met in was transformed from the work we did there that day. However, I did not feel it offered what I was looking for.

September 2015 I threw this meeting in a very busy time for me, as I was in a training course every morning for eight weeks. Yet, I still wanted to host the monthly gathering. The theme for this month was “Alchemy and Institution” where I taught the group how to choose, calibrate, and use a pendulum. We used a grid to determine our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Each person then made personalized sugar scrubs and/or bath salts to take and use.

October 2015 I wanted to do something more artistic for this month and I had recently been reading about using your non-dominate hand in order to use and integrate both sides of the brain. Not only did we draw with our non-dominate hand but we also drew to music and with our eyes closed. The best part of it was that they were collaborative art pieces because as we moved through the different ways to draw we passed our creations to the right. Therefore, each of us started with a canvas and ended with the same canvas yet we all had a hand in each other’s piece of art.

November 2015 The focus was on “Thanksgiving”. I decided to do a meditation on the changing seasons and focus us on being thankful. Unlike, the meditation I led in June, my dogs were here and they were very noisy and interruptive. However, in keeping with the theme, in all things be thankful, we just went with the flow and had a discussion on thankfulness since the meditation was not going so well.

December 2015 The theme was “The Gift of YOU!” this was one of the most powerful sessions we have had and yet it was so simplistic. One of the most wonderful aspects about this group is that is it dynamic and ever changing, often the same people come, yet there are always new people. Sometimes we know each other and sometimes we don’t. Everyone assumes I know all of my guests; however, frequently I meet them for the first time when they walk through my front door. This has been one of the magical aspects of this group. This was true this month, as I explained what we were going to be doing, I met some resistance because of the feeling that we didn’t know each other well or at all. However, by the time we got started and got the feel for the gifting, it was amazing the messages we received from each other and the emotions that were felt.

January 2016 We almost didn’t meet due to a snow storm. Yet, I didn’t want to skip a month, although, I was busy preparing to have a booth at Karma Fest. Therefore, I rescheduled it for the following Friday. I thought for sure that our group would be very small, due to moving the date but we had a good group. We did Vision Boards for the New Year. This theme was both artist and empowering. My vision board is hanging in my office and it inspires me every day.

February 2016 KARMA FEST- for me and a few of the ladies came, thank you! I presented my “Healing Your DNA” workshop, it was a very powerful workshop, and I was able to connect with each person’s history/family lineage in the room. I also did angelic readings. On the second day I was scheduled to do my “Angelic Healing/Blessing” workshop, it was last workshop of the weekend, however, many people had already left and the vendors were packing up to leave, so, I decided to make it moving/walking workshop. It was very powerful as I walked around and offered a personalized blessing from the angels.

Our theme for meeting that month was “GET YOU GODDESS ON!!!” We each were given a Goddess name and learned about her attributes and how her energy could assist us. We made flowered headbands and barrettes to wear in our hair and I anointed each woman with rose infused holy water and placed a bindi on their foreheads. There was lots of fun and laughter at this meeting. Oh, and we did some dancing too!

March 2016 “Celebrating Spring!” It was such a beautiful day. Before we went on our nature walk, Julie had each of us choose a lovely scarf to wear which later she revealed that she was gifting to each of us. We talked, walked, and gathered spring blooms. We then came back to my house and made spring mandalas. I love when we do the artsy type projects because I am in awe of the talent of the women that come. Yes, you are ALL so talented and an inspiration to me.

April 2016 We discovered our “Spirit Animal/s”. For this workshop, we used a deck of Animal Spirit cards and two books. We also discussed how animals show up for us and if/when we have felt that we have known what our spirit animals are. If you saw my Facebook post prior to the workshop I posted a meme of a raccoon that said, “I don’t know what my spirit animal is but I am sure it has rabies”, I just couldn’t resist. 😉

May 2016 We went to go walk a local Labyrinth. I almost got arrested in preparation. Just kidding, the police officer just thought I was CRAZY! I wanted to make sure the labyrinth we were going to was in shape, since there had been some recent construction near it. The one day that I had open to go over to check it was drizzling, but I had an umbrella; my only mistake was wearing tennis shoes. I should have worn something else or taken them off, but I digress. After, I had walked the labyrinth, I was walking to my car when I heard a voice ask, “Are you alright?” The police officer couldn’t figure out why I was walking in circles in the rain, and as Deborah pointed out after our field trip, in a cemetery. However, it didn’t used to feel like it was part of a cemetery until they built the columbarium right next to it. I’m still not sure I convinced him there is a labyrinth there, since you can’t see it until you walk to where it is. The things I do for you, oh but you are worth it!

As June rolled around this year, I couldn’t come up with a theme or activity. I almost didn’t host the group. But then I got an email offering some feedback on our recent trip to the labyrinth telling me that although they loved our field trip, what they really love about our group is when we get to spend time chatting and getting to know one another. EUREKA! This illuminated for me that I could host a group without a theme or activity- so I did J

June 2016 “GO WITH THE FLOW!” We had a lively group and lit a cake on fire. Good thing Julie choose an ice cream cake. It took our entire tribe to place and light the candles, we then sang happy birthday and Julie blew out all those candles. The smoke detector did not go off and we did not need the fire extinguisher. I played “Light it Up” by The Fall Out Boys. Everyone got gifts because I didn’t want to forego our Gifting Circle just because I forgot to include in the invitation. And since I had wonderful goodies leftover from Karma Fest everyone got gifts! Yeah gifts! And, they could take as many as they liked.

This group, and me hosting it, has come full circle…

It has been an utter joy to host this group each month. I am so grateful to each one of you. Whether you have been able to join us or not you are part of this group and you have enriched it immensely. For those of you that could not make it or live too far we have added you to the circle in one way or another.

What’s next? Will it continue? I have asked these questions and given it much prayful consideration and each time that I do, I have come back with a resounding YES! Therefore, I hope you will consider joining us. Please review what we have done, I would be happy to repeat something because either you missed it or you loved it. I also would love to hear ideas for future meetings.

The next meeting theme we will be making God’s Eyes, Spirit Sticks, Dream Catchers, and Medicine Bags. I can’t wait to see you!

With love and light,

Judy “Juju” Angelheart

PS: I am not working this summer, so I am open and available for play dates, coaching calls, and energy/healing work.


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