Day 1: A Walk About

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I work for a lady on the nights she works late, making sure that her boys get fed and do their homework . The boys are twelve, so they don’t need constant tending, so I usually go for a walk before dinner.

They live in a community of small beach homes. The neighborhood has its own personality so, I thought pictures would be best. I have included some typical sightings in this quirky little neighborhood . 

These are crabpot floats, a common sight.

Ah, a lovely cottage for sale….gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “fire sale”.

More floats. These adorn many yards.

The cutest little cottage in the whole neighborhood .

Fall leaves of a gumball tree.

Lots of wishes!

Looking out toward the Chesapeake Bay .

It was a wonderful walk.

Thus day 1 comes to a close.

Catch you peppers  tomorrow .



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