Day 2: OMG

I went to work today. That probably sounds like an odd statement to some, however, as an independent contractor, with several jobs, I don’t work everyday. One of my jobs is as a substitute teacher. You remember substitutes, we are those people that the children don’t want to listen to. I worked a long, full day at two different elementary schools. I drove home, pulled into the driveway, turned my car off and fell asleep. Luckily, I waited until I got home safely before taking a nap.

Yes, some days are just like that. It feels like there are more and more days where I am just so tired that functioning normally is not possible. A big part of the reason is I am going through a change in life and my hormones are all out of whack. I had heard about this stage and have now done a LOT of research on it but there really isn’t much to be done but just GO THROUGH IT! I have pleaded with my nurse practitioner but to no avail, doctors don’t like to give women hormones anymore to ease us through the change. I am officially in the perimenopausal  or premenopause phase. I have been here for some time. However, it has only been in the last year or two (yes you read that right) that I have had hot flashes and night sweats. I’m having one right now. Some days/nights they come in waves with very little time in between. I have learned to dress in layers so that I can put on or take off layers depending upon my flash status. At night, while attempting to sleep, it is worse. I am either burning up or freezing, both of which wake me up. Waking up in a puddle of perspiration is the worst sensation. It is not at all like when you exercise or when you are outside on a hot summers’ day, because this perspiration has no odor. It feels so weird when my pores open up and out comes water, like I have sprung a leak. Sometimes I wake up during the flash/sweat and other times I wake up in a puddle and have to move to a new spot and go back to sleep. The other night I ran out of new spots and had to sleep on the couch. My hubby never even noticed I had gone, I wish I could sleep that soundly.

This is NOT what I planned on blogging about. It just happens to be my status for today. It is much more information about my health than I normally share and more than you thought you would get for this blog challenge. But sometimes, life throws you lemons or whatever and you have to share.

Here’s hoping that you are sleeping well. I am praying that I do. Pleasant dreams.


PS: Rara made me do it!!!





5 thoughts on “Day 2: OMG

  1. You just described most of my days and nights. My solution is the following; fan, and a fluffy dog for warmth when required. Plus, getting a couple hours less sleep… which I guess over time means I wake up less, and usually get 5 solid hours of sleep. Ive been perimenupausal for maybe just over two years…maybe. Very blawdy annoying. Very, very annoying. Ive somewhat conquered the mad mood swings, but the sweats and chills still suck. Standing talking to your General Manager with sweat dripping from your forehead is lots of fun. Now, I have a very physical job, but still…before Ive even started work. LOL…but shes going through it too…so there you go : ) Great post!!

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