Day 4: TGIF 

I’m so happy to begin my weekend with a warm bowl of homemade minestrone soup and a glass of red wine.

I am excited kick off the holiday season this weekend. As I mentioned yesterday ,  I am getting decorations together to decorate a tree for my local Hospice. The true kick off is going to the Grace Ole Opry to hear live gospel music presented in a old time radio show style complete with old commercials.

We were planning on going onight but we both got home late and needed to have dinner so we will go tomorrow .

Today I took pictures of my art show hanging at the library.

Rose of Sharon: Wood Nymph top and Water Nymph

Love and Other Blessings top and Figgy: A and E’s First Bite

Healing Heart top and Gather Together

Up the Energy

When I got home I took my dog for a walk and took a cool picture of our shadows.

Me and my shadow, plus Pudge and his.

And an awesome sunset




4 thoughts on “Day 4: TGIF 

  1. Hi Juju, love all of them, you have talent. My favourite is the water nymph, it’s so peaceful! Thanks for directing me here. I love to see them and know a little bit more about you. And dog! I didn’t know you have one, cute one! Lots of success today!

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