Day 8: Voting and Boating

I VOTED!!!!!!!!

I will not get into a political discussion about the way our elections are held. I will just share with you that as a citizen I took the opportunity today to use a pen on a  piece of paper to vote. I researched, prayed and cast my votes based upon my conscious. Win or lose I voted for those I felt would do a honest job. I have and would have abstained from voting for a person or proposition if I did not feel that I knew enough about it or did not find that I could, in good faith, vote for someone running for a particular office. However, this time, I voted the complete ballot. Each bubble was filled in. When I was done I tore off a “I VOTED” sticker and went about my day.

My husband and I go vote together. It is a tradition. Later in the day I was part of a conversation with two women, one of whom had recently lost her husband. She said that they always voted together. She started to cry as she was telling us about her experience going to vote today. So many things that once seemed ordinary have become triggers to remind her how much she misses him. She was very proud of herself for making it through the voting process.

This afternoon, I went to a dedication ceremony for a new boat. The members of the small craft guild built a electric crab skiff. These used to be rather common boats in our local waters but went out of favor. It was a joy to watch her get christened with a bit of champagne. They are hoping to get her in the water soon. My husband and I have been bitten by the water bug and find all things about our local maritime history and boats fascinating. We both have done a lot of reading and hands on learning since first volunteering on the Dee of St. Mary’s, a historic oyster dredging boat, almost four years ago.

The Dee of St. Mary’s


The Small Craft Guild Members with the Carol Jeanne, an electric skiff

These guys build boats of all sizes, restore boats and maintain The Dee and other boats in the Calvert Marine Museums collection. They put in all this time as volunteers. They do it because they love boats and boating. I am beginning to understand why.

This evening we went for a walk before it got dark and then had dinner. It was nice to have a day off with my hubby. These days always go too fast. Yes, time really does fly when you are having fun.


PS: To our new president, I promise to keep you in prayer.



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