Day 11: Look Up, Look Down

I got this idea the other day to go for a walk and take pictures of what I saw when I looked up and when I looked down. Today was a good day to do it because I was not working and had nothing scheduled. Plus, it was a gorgeous fall day.

There are A LOT of pine trees in my neighborhood.

There is always litter to be found in my yard. Ugh, I don’t like litter.

I wish I could name all the trees…well I could, this one I will call Silvia.đŸ˜‰

 I mean I would like to be able to tell you what type of tree this is, possibly a birch. 

We also have lots of ferns and they are still vibrant green. I love ferns, they make me think of fairies.

This is a maple tree. I love to draw cat faces on the leaves, they are the perfect shape for making cat puppets.

These shoes have been dangling up there for a LONG TIME.

The back of the estuary… something was bubbling.

Baby pine tree…

English Ivy, the Kudzo of the North. An invasive species that is difficult to eradicate.

I surprised this little critter. He chattered some squirrel obscenities at me.

Fall leaves floating in the deeper part of the estuary.

Low tide on the river. Showing off moss covered rocks. These large rocks were placed there to help combat shore erosion.

They say there are snakes in the rocks but I haven’t seen any.

These are “killer pine cones” I call them that because they hurt if they hit you in the head and can dent a car roof.

Road direction for a bicycle group.

Fuzzy things…

A basin that is dry…it used to always have water. 

Twisty, gnarly branches…

A turkey vulture. These birds are not very attractive on the ground but they are graceful gliders in the air. It took me a few attempts to capture this photo.

Not sure who’s nest. 

Watched this little leaf twirl and fall. 

Back home again, a ghostly slug trail…

What do you see when you look up and down?

This evening I fixed my hubby a nice dinner to honor his service as a veteran on this Veteran’s Day.

Thank you all members past, present and future for all you do to keep us a safe and free country.


PS: Having a nice glass of port, prost!


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