Day 12 & 13

I chilled too much on Friday, therefore I had a lot of catching up to do yesterday morning before we left to work at the American Legion for their fall Bull and Oyster Roast.

Yesterday morning I realized that with my upcoming schedule of volunteer, fun and work coming up, plus my step-son coming to visit for a few weeks, I needed to get some chores done. So I did…

Then off we went. Each fall and spring our legion post, POST 274, hosts a Bull and Oyster Roast. Volunteers work the event and we feed hoards of hungry people all you can eat Maryland Pit Beef, this is a specialty of Maryland and the grill guys at our post do a fantastic job of slow cooking the beef to perfection. I love the smell of that small room on the back of the building plus it is always warm in there. It is a great place to stand around and chat, while drinking a beer or two and eating some grilled oysters. The oysters are served raw, fried, steamed, grilled, and in stew. I like my oysters steamed with a little bit of lemon and cocktail sauce on them. Then there are the sides; baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. Plus all the fixings for a big sandwich full of beef; horseradish, BBQ sauce, onions, tomatoes, pickles and hot sauce. They also put out a raw veggie tray with salad dressing. Then there is the all you can drink draft beer, this time they served Yuengling but usually it is Budwieser or Coors. There is dessert too, pies and cakes and cookies for any donation amount you choose.

Shortly after the mad rush of the people getting in the door and lined up for fried oysters and beef sandwiches, they open the raffles and gaming tables. They raffled off a patio heater, a turkey fryer and a leaf blower; all needed items this time of year. They did 50/50 raffles too. The wheel was spinning for baskets of cheer; around here they like liquor. There was also poker tables, a roulette wheel and other games of chance. I am not much of a gambler, however, I usually will play a few hands of Black Jack. I didn’t play very long last night because the deck was definitely in the dealers favor. I decided to take my money and spend it on peanut M & M’s instead and for some reason they were especially tasty last night.

I usually work in the kitchen helping serve food, but yesterday I worked the floor. I was signed up to sell 50/50 raffle tickets but I ended up doing odd jobs all day and making sure the volunteers were taken care of. Some of the volunteers get so busy at their stations that they don’t have time to get a drink or something to eat. I also filled in for them if they need a bathroom or smoke break.

We are always there late because my husband slices the beef; a big job. And afterward cleans the slicer; an even bigger job. Last night it took him almost two hours to take apart and clean the slicer. I helped him at the end to get the kitchen clean and wiped down for the night.

We did a lot of the clean up work last night, but there was a lot left to do. A crew of volunteers will come today and really clean and put all the tables and chairs away. Just like there was a crew that set up on Friday and prepped all the food.

We do a lot of fundraising at our post to assist veterans and their families. It is a fun place to hang out because for the most part everyone gets along. I think that military families learn to make friends wherever they go and that life is too short to not get along.

Today we have been invited out sailing. We are going to freeze our butts off but we should get a good glimpse of the super moon as it rises tonight over the Chesapeake Bay. I need to go make pit beef sandwiches and other snacks for the trip. Since we are the guests it is only appropriate to provide lunch. We are also bringing along some wine to toast the moon. I am very excited to go sailing on this sunny day, yet I am also a realist and know that I will be COLD. However, I am confident that the fun I have will warm my heart if not my hands. I see a hot shower in my future.

Hopefully, I will get some good pictures that I can post tonight or tomorrow of our sail.

Have a great day fellow bloggers and readers.

Love ya!




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