Beloved Dog

This is Sir Truman Pudge aka Pudge aka Mr. Pudger aka Pudgerwaudkins, aka Black Ear the Pirate Dog. He is my dog and my comic relief. He was a gift from my husband.

As you can see in the picture he is holding one of his balls in his mouth. It is part of the game. He wants someone to throw the ball, then he gets it, then he keeps it and you have to chase him and wrangle it back. This is his ultimate “You can’t get me spot.” He has taken the ball and jumped up on the recliner with my husband.

He won this round but there will be more because he likes to play.

Pudge also loves company. He loves to meet new people and welcome old friends.

Puppy kisses and tail wags,

From Pudge 🐶 and Me 🙂

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