The Beginning of Gifts

What beautiful spring weather we are having. Today started out with coffee, a spiritual time and then yard work. I am on a break right now.

What I want to share today is that during my spiritual study/contemplative time I was reminded of so many things that have happened on my journey to where I am today. I am sure you too can recall many fascinating things along your path.

Today I want to share some of my background with you. I have been doing angel writings since I was four years old. Of course, I did not know that is what they were at the time but I knew they were special. Unfortunately, my father did not think it was so special and told me I was wasting paper.  I know now that I was told wrong information, but at the time I did not want my father angry with me, so I curtailed my writings. This was just the first of many times I have run into fear and resistance surrounding my gifts.

I share this because maybe there is a child in your life that does things or says things that do not make sense to your adult mind. I challenge you to watch, to listen but most importantly, allow this child to do these things. They are not crazy, they are not telling tall tales; most likely they are connected. If you have been gifted with a child like that in your life please do what you can to nurture these gifts that they have been given and to protect them from those people that would create disbelieve and/or fear in this child. And if you do not know how to do these things or feel it is out of your league then find someone who can assist you and this gifted child to feel supported and secure in developing their gifts. I am here for you and for them; please contact me.

My own journey has been long and has had it’s bumps along the way; times when I ran into fear and skepticism that made me draw back and want to hide my gifts. In the last couple of years I have said that I will never, ever do that again. But even as an adult that is difficult at times. Yet, I have come to know that the directive to share is more important then the sense of normalcy I try to cram myself into; which never works.

So, to all of you, like me that don’t fit in the “normal” box rejoice in who and what you are.

Oh dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We sing to you and with you as you welcome yourself home. We come to support  you as you share your gifts and our message for the little ones.

And oh to the little ones we rejoice in their sweet honesty and ways as they strive to grow up in a chaotic world. Reach out to our little ones, embrace them, sing to them, love them, support them. Do not worry if you do not understand them. As with our words many times understanding is not required; however acceptance is. Draw them near, draw them in. Hold fast to who they are and all they need to be to grow into strong, sheltering trees.

Oh love, loves we love you and shine our grace upon you. Be happy. Be well.

Love from most high

The angels

May you be supported by their words as you support and care for the young ones with gifts to grow.




Citizens of the World

I live in the United States of America. I have lived here all of my life. I was born and raised in Maryland and have lived most of my life in here in Maryland. I am a little too young to have been a hippy and a little too old to have been a yuppie.

My husband was born in Germany; his father was born in Greece. My husband came to the United States at the age of ten. His father moved to Greece as an adult and stayed. My husband graduated high school, became a citizen, and joined the United States Air Force. His father remained a Greek citizen all his life.

Some countries will allow you to have dual citizenship; the United States is not one of them. My husband felt strongly that he wanted to be a citizen of his adopted country. In order to do so, he had to learn its history and its laws and he gave up his German and Greek citizenship.

In the time that he has been here, he has honorably served this country, voted in its elections, worked for the government, and volunteered with the American Legion serving veterans of all eras.

Most people who immigrate to this country come here and become outstanding members of our society, even if they never give up citizenship in their country of birth. His mother is still a German citizen. She retired from working for a government agency. However, because of our fears after 911, someone like her would not be able to have a job like that anymore.

What do we fear…?

While you contemplate that, my real reason for writing today is that recently I have witnessed a disturbing trend among our children. I have witnessed children under the age of twelve, who would have been babies when our last president, Barrack Obama, took office eight years ago, speaking and acting in ways that speak volumes for what they are learning at home.

From the beginning of time, cultures have had leaders, rulers, kings, and presidents. Some have been tyrants and others kind. However, most were respected as the heads of state that the title or office afforded them. Yes, there were always those who opposed a president or ruler and at times a bad one needed to be overthrown or impeached.

In the history of the United States of America, the office of the president has been respected. It is the highest level a political leader can achieve. It is not handed down to someone through birth; it is earned through hard work and by the votes of the people. Many times, the tally of the votes have been questioned and opposition to the point of murder has happened, such was the case with President Lincoln and Kennedy.

Yet, in my lifetime, starting with just being old enough to watch the protests of the Vietnam War, through the impeachment of President Nixon, on to the scandalous acts of President Clinton, I have never seen children so filled with vehement hate for a president.

Children are not born hating anyone they learn to hate.

Therefore, when I see children wearing pins that depict President Trump in a toilet and others playing a game called “Punch the Trump”, it disturbs me. These children are being molded by the world around them. I would like to see them grow up to be loving, kind citizens. Yet, these acts make me question if that will be the future for them.

I am not one to let a teachable moment slide…

The first incident happened while I was teaching at my church. A young girl was wearing some pins. I asked her where she got the pins. She proudly told me her mother bought them for her at the Women’s March in Washington, DC. Therefore, no matter the rhetoric, one of the main reasons for the march(es) was to protest President Trump.

After asking her about where she got the pins. I asked her if she knew who “Trump” was, since one of her pins said, “Flush the Trump” and she said that she did, that he is the President. I then told her that the pins were not very nice. She just shrugged her shoulders.

Therefore, to help her understand the hatred they depicted, I related it to someone closer to her. I reminded her that she had a principal at her school and asked her if she would wear a pin like that about her principal. She said, “No, that wouldn’t be nice.” I countered with if that wouldn’t be nice then maybe she should rethink wearing the pins. I, continued, because I know her mother is a principal at a high school, and asked her how she would feel if the teens there wore pins like that about her mother. She said she wouldn’t like that at all.

Sometimes, the best way to teach is to relate the lesson back to people and things that they know. I hope it opened up some conversations at her home and made her rethink wearing the pins.

The second incident happened at the end of the day, in a class where I was the substitute teacher. The children had packed up and asked if they could play a game on the computer. After giving them permission, I reminded them that they were not to play any violent games. Therefore, I was very surprised when I heard them talking about the game “Punch the Trump.” Moreover, even, more surprised when I went over and discovered that they were playing it. For some reason they did not think it was violent, they thought it was funny. Even though, at this point in the game, the animated President Trump was bloody and falling down. I told them it was extremely violent and unacceptable. One boy turned around and told me that he hates President Trump.

I told them that they needed to exit the game immediately. Then I reminded them that he is the President of our country and deserves our respect. I also told them that we do not hate anyone.

In both of these stories the children are young, the first child is only nine years old and the classroom I was covering was full of eleven-year-olds. This disturbs and concerns me. I love children, I really do. Children need our love and tender care. They need to be brought up in love and respect. I cannot understand why anyone would teach their children to hate.

We all have a responsibility to teach children love, kindness, and respect. It is a huge responsibility but if we don’t do it, someone else may come in like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and teach them hate.

Let’s teach by being examples of LOVE! Let’s show love loudly, so loud that we drown out all the hate.

Who’s in?


Juju and the Angels

We are LOVE and we are IN!





Teach the Children

What are we teaching “our” children?


A great deal of responsibility falls on your shoulders if you are an educator, a parent or a grandparent. Yet, all of us have children in our lives, even if they are just on the outer periphery.

My children are all grown, yet I work part-time as an educator and I am a grandparent. However, my view is that as adults, we all have a obligation to teach the children…

Wherever we go, especially these days with the proliferation of cell phones and security cameras, we are being watched. Yet, even before all of the modern technology, we were being watched by little curious eyes. And behind those curious eyes are maturing, growing brains that soak up everything like a sponge.

Think back to some of your earliest childhood memories…

Hopefully, your mind brought back a delightful memory, however, for many it brought back something painful. That’s because we remember those things more strongly, they impress deep within our minds and can have a profound effect on molding who we are.

So take a moment to reflect on that same memory or another one…

If you, grown up and far removed from those events still remember them vividly and the emotions are still strong then please think about the impressionable minds of the children around you. You are molding their memories.

This puts us in a very powerful position to affect the future…

What world are you shaping by your words, your behavior and actions?

You are a powerful catalyst; everything you do and say leaves a mark…

What mark are you leaving?

I work with all ages of children

Here are some rules that we never grow too old to follow:

  • Be Polite- saying please and thank you, etc. are always in style
  • Share- there is enough for everyone, we are blessed double when we share
  • Speak Kindly or not at all- we can disagree in ways that are respectful/kind
  • Keep to Yourself- don’t go into someone else’s space uninvited
  • Put it/give it back- if you took it out/used it put it away, if you borrowed it return it
  • Keep Each Other Safe- help out when/where you are able or find someone who can
  • Don’t Litter- find a trash receptacle
  • Spread Love- it is a seed that renews and is free to share, it grows well everywhere!! 🙂

These simple rules can have a HUMONGOUS impact on the lives around you, especially the children. Oh and by the way, if you follow these rules the bounce back effect is wonderful.

Now imagine a world were everyone followed these simple precepts…

I can see it, it is just around the corner. Let’s turn that corner together!

Thanks for reading,


Oh my, my, my you are such wonderful amazing beings. We sing for you, We praise with you. You are the children of the future. You are the leaders of today. You are so wonderful and amazing. We come to bring you light and love. We come to touch upon your hearts and help you reach out in love. We shower you with love and blessings. You can share it all abundantly it will never run out. You are an overflowing vessel of all good and love. Spread your light and your love. Love, love, love……….

The Angels



Day 12 & 13

I chilled too much on Friday, therefore I had a lot of catching up to do yesterday morning before we left to work at the American Legion for their fall Bull and Oyster Roast.

Yesterday morning I realized that with my upcoming schedule of volunteer, fun and work coming up, plus my step-son coming to visit for a few weeks, I needed to get some chores done. So I did…

Then off we went. Each fall and spring our legion post, POST 274, hosts a Bull and Oyster Roast. Volunteers work the event and we feed hoards of hungry people all you can eat Maryland Pit Beef, this is a specialty of Maryland and the grill guys at our post do a fantastic job of slow cooking the beef to perfection. I love the smell of that small room on the back of the building plus it is always warm in there. It is a great place to stand around and chat, while drinking a beer or two and eating some grilled oysters. The oysters are served raw, fried, steamed, grilled, and in stew. I like my oysters steamed with a little bit of lemon and cocktail sauce on them. Then there are the sides; baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. Plus all the fixings for a big sandwich full of beef; horseradish, BBQ sauce, onions, tomatoes, pickles and hot sauce. They also put out a raw veggie tray with salad dressing. Then there is the all you can drink draft beer, this time they served Yuengling but usually it is Budwieser or Coors. There is dessert too, pies and cakes and cookies for any donation amount you choose.

Shortly after the mad rush of the people getting in the door and lined up for fried oysters and beef sandwiches, they open the raffles and gaming tables. They raffled off a patio heater, a turkey fryer and a leaf blower; all needed items this time of year. They did 50/50 raffles too. The wheel was spinning for baskets of cheer; around here they like liquor. There was also poker tables, a roulette wheel and other games of chance. I am not much of a gambler, however, I usually will play a few hands of Black Jack. I didn’t play very long last night because the deck was definitely in the dealers favor. I decided to take my money and spend it on peanut M & M’s instead and for some reason they were especially tasty last night.

I usually work in the kitchen helping serve food, but yesterday I worked the floor. I was signed up to sell 50/50 raffle tickets but I ended up doing odd jobs all day and making sure the volunteers were taken care of. Some of the volunteers get so busy at their stations that they don’t have time to get a drink or something to eat. I also filled in for them if they need a bathroom or smoke break.

We are always there late because my husband slices the beef; a big job. And afterward cleans the slicer; an even bigger job. Last night it took him almost two hours to take apart and clean the slicer. I helped him at the end to get the kitchen clean and wiped down for the night.

We did a lot of the clean up work last night, but there was a lot left to do. A crew of volunteers will come today and really clean and put all the tables and chairs away. Just like there was a crew that set up on Friday and prepped all the food.

We do a lot of fundraising at our post to assist veterans and their families. It is a fun place to hang out because for the most part everyone gets along. I think that military families learn to make friends wherever they go and that life is too short to not get along.

Today we have been invited out sailing. We are going to freeze our butts off but we should get a good glimpse of the super moon as it rises tonight over the Chesapeake Bay. I need to go make pit beef sandwiches and other snacks for the trip. Since we are the guests it is only appropriate to provide lunch. We are also bringing along some wine to toast the moon. I am very excited to go sailing on this sunny day, yet I am also a realist and know that I will be COLD. However, I am confident that the fun I have will warm my heart if not my hands. I see a hot shower in my future.

Hopefully, I will get some good pictures that I can post tonight or tomorrow of our sail.

Have a great day fellow bloggers and readers.

Love ya!



Day 11: Look Up, Look Down

I got this idea the other day to go for a walk and take pictures of what I saw when I looked up and when I looked down. Today was a good day to do it because I was not working and had nothing scheduled. Plus, it was a gorgeous fall day.

There are A LOT of pine trees in my neighborhood.

There is always litter to be found in my yard. Ugh, I don’t like litter.

I wish I could name all the trees…well I could, this one I will call Silvia.😉

 I mean I would like to be able to tell you what type of tree this is, possibly a birch. 

We also have lots of ferns and they are still vibrant green. I love ferns, they make me think of fairies.

This is a maple tree. I love to draw cat faces on the leaves, they are the perfect shape for making cat puppets.

These shoes have been dangling up there for a LONG TIME.

The back of the estuary… something was bubbling.

Baby pine tree…

English Ivy, the Kudzo of the North. An invasive species that is difficult to eradicate.

I surprised this little critter. He chattered some squirrel obscenities at me.

Fall leaves floating in the deeper part of the estuary.

Low tide on the river. Showing off moss covered rocks. These large rocks were placed there to help combat shore erosion.

They say there are snakes in the rocks but I haven’t seen any.

These are “killer pine cones” I call them that because they hurt if they hit you in the head and can dent a car roof.

Road direction for a bicycle group.

Fuzzy things…

A basin that is dry…it used to always have water. 

Twisty, gnarly branches…

A turkey vulture. These birds are not very attractive on the ground but they are graceful gliders in the air. It took me a few attempts to capture this photo.

Not sure who’s nest. 

Watched this little leaf twirl and fall. 

Back home again, a ghostly slug trail…

What do you see when you look up and down?

This evening I fixed my hubby a nice dinner to honor his service as a veteran on this Veteran’s Day.

Thank you all members past, present and future for all you do to keep us a safe and free country.


PS: Having a nice glass of port, prost!

Day 10: Thursday

It has come to my attention that some of you didn’t receive yesterdays post. I have figured out what happened. I had channeled my inner Mata Hari and wrote my post in code with invisible ink and sent it out via pigeon carrier. I will try and recall one of the birds and decipher the message and post it tomorrow. In the meantime, should one of my birds show up carefully remove the scroll, squeeze some lemon juice on it, hold it up to a mirror and read the message.

As for today…

Nothing truly noteworthy. Just a short poem:

All around me are the roaring of lions

Their noise deafens my ears

I sink down 

In the midst of it all

Now  I hear it

The whisper of angels

Softly bringing love

To the world

Judy Angelheart

It is late here. I must now go to bed. May the night be kind to us all. May we hear the angels and feel the love.



Day 8: Voting and Boating

I VOTED!!!!!!!!

I will not get into a political discussion about the way our elections are held. I will just share with you that as a citizen I took the opportunity today to use a pen on a  piece of paper to vote. I researched, prayed and cast my votes based upon my conscious. Win or lose I voted for those I felt would do a honest job. I have and would have abstained from voting for a person or proposition if I did not feel that I knew enough about it or did not find that I could, in good faith, vote for someone running for a particular office. However, this time, I voted the complete ballot. Each bubble was filled in. When I was done I tore off a “I VOTED” sticker and went about my day.

My husband and I go vote together. It is a tradition. Later in the day I was part of a conversation with two women, one of whom had recently lost her husband. She said that they always voted together. She started to cry as she was telling us about her experience going to vote today. So many things that once seemed ordinary have become triggers to remind her how much she misses him. She was very proud of herself for making it through the voting process.

This afternoon, I went to a dedication ceremony for a new boat. The members of the small craft guild built a electric crab skiff. These used to be rather common boats in our local waters but went out of favor. It was a joy to watch her get christened with a bit of champagne. They are hoping to get her in the water soon. My husband and I have been bitten by the water bug and find all things about our local maritime history and boats fascinating. We both have done a lot of reading and hands on learning since first volunteering on the Dee of St. Mary’s, a historic oyster dredging boat, almost four years ago.

The Dee of St. Mary’s


The Small Craft Guild Members with the Carol Jeanne, an electric skiff

These guys build boats of all sizes, restore boats and maintain The Dee and other boats in the Calvert Marine Museums collection. They put in all this time as volunteers. They do it because they love boats and boating. I am beginning to understand why.

This evening we went for a walk before it got dark and then had dinner. It was nice to have a day off with my hubby. These days always go too fast. Yes, time really does fly when you are having fun.


PS: To our new president, I promise to keep you in prayer.