In the Midst

All around is the roaring of lions

Their noise deafens my ears

I sink down 

In the midst of it all


I hear them

The whisper of angels

Softly bringing love

To the world

Judy Angelheart

I found this small treasure among all my past blog posts and felt that it was the perfect little poem to share again.




Spring 2020

Reposting because this is still true

Here we are in the midst of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC in case you haven’t heard about COVID-19. There, I said it but that will be the last time I mention it because we have all heard and seen that plenty.

Here is a poem I wrote this spring about the aforementioned thing.

Spring 2020

We are all looking for some huge thing right now

The turning of the tide

Where finally we will see the end of this

And get back to “normal”

I predict there will be none of that

There will not be ringing of bells

Nor shouts in the street

It will not be like that

There may be celebrations

Small intimate ones

Why do I feel this way

When something is so large

You can not take in its enormity

The vast unfathomable essence of a thing

Some unnamed entity it started out to be

Yet no one can claim to not know

Every is a very large number

An all inclusive sum

Instead I predict

It will be quiet like

A gentle breeze

Yet no one will escape its passing

And I was privy to a miracle

Will be the only words we are left to say


Judy Angelheart

Copyright 2020

I promise I will be in touch soon.

Sending you love and angels,




A Woman’s Prerogative




Are you talking to me

I am not here to perform tricks for you


You laugh

You look so pretty when you



So what you’re telling me is

I’m ugly if I don’t


For you


You laugh again


You know what’s funny

That you don’t know me

Or what makes me


But I will share with you

Being commanded to


Isn’t one of the things

That makes me happy

Makes my heart sing


So stop putting your

Demands on me to


I’m not going to give

One to you

These are mine to distribute

As my heart tells me to




Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2018


This poem is dedicated to all the lovely women who have ever heard someone tell them to SMILE. My lovely daughter recently was lamenting about men telling her to smile. This poem was prompted by a conversation I heard this morning at the library. I overheard a man tell this beautiful woman to smile; she remained silent, she just shook her head.

What is it going to take for people (men) to understand that it is not flattering to be commanded, like a dog, to SMILE!

Stop doing it! It isn’t kind or respectful because our beauty- all our beauty inside and out is not here for your entertainment.

Sending out love to all my beautiful, lovely ladies- YOU are so much more than your smile. I hope this poem and the love I send with it will make you SMILE!

And to all the men, I am sending out an abundance of love and feminine energy. I know the majority of you are very kind and supportive of us beautiful women.



PS: I wrote this poem in my notebook, however, it would be more correct to say I quickly scribbled it before the Muse got away. Afterward, I neatly made a copy of this poem and walked over and gave it to her. I told her, “Thank you for being an inspiration for me this morning.” I waited while she read the poem and with tears in both of our eyes, we gave each other a hug. Then I walked away because I didn’t want her to feel obligated to me in any way and I also didn’t want to intrude any further on her day. She really is a beautiful lady inside and out. Thank you for the hug!

Girlfriend Hands III


What was I thinking

Painting my nails

Of course the polish smeared and chipped

Within minutes

By the next day

They looked really bad

But I had no time to fix them

A busy week each day they looked

Worse and worse

Hunting through the linen closet

I finally found the almost empty bottle of nail polish remover

It wasn’t enough- UGH

They looked even worse

I wanted to hide my hands

Hoping no one would notice

Chipped pink sparklily nail polish

Stuck on from Valentine’s Day

Screamed- UGLY

Looks can be deceiving because in reality

These are writer’s hands

Penning poetry hands

These are amazing

Sending out healing hands

These are artist hands

Creating visions and sensations hands

These are nourishing hands

Preparing body and soul food hands

I scrap and scratch the last few flecks

Desperate to remove the traces of pink

“Out, out great spot”

However unlike he

I only wish to reveal

The true stain of these hands

Which conjour up such amazing things

Love is in the mix of all of these


Judy Angelheart

2/17/18 Copyright and all rights reserved

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my poetry with you for national poetry month.

Yes, these are my hands, dried and weatherworn. We need to remember that looks really can be deceiving; the person is always more important than the appearances.

We are finally experiencing spring-like temperatures here which makes me very happy! Sending out warm healing energy to all of you.


Another High School

Each of us has a voice that is unique to our experience. Sometimes we feel the strong need to add our voice to the fray. At other times we feel like our voice will take away from the voice of others, or that it is too small to make a difference. However, after much thought and prayers, my voice has something to say.

I work as a substitute teacher. I primarily work in elementary schools but I also go to the middle and high schools. I have been doing this work for many years; therefore, I have seen and heard a lot. After every major event in the country, the kids feel it and react. We all feel it. No one is immune. However, I continue to go to work, as do so many other teachers, secretaries, and all the other adults that work in the school buildings. Our children continue to go to school.

We have heard the voices of our young people. They are scared and scarred. Yet, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also.

Just days after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, I was substituting at my local high school. As soon as I arrived, they assigned me to front hall duty for Lunch A. The front hall is a wide vestibule of glass doors and windows. Although the doors are locked I was fully exposed. I was on heightened alert due to recent events with nowhere to hide should something happen.

When I arrived, I noticed extra buses in the parking lot but didn’t know why they were there. I soon learned that the school was hosting a countywide choral festival; every middle and high school chorus from the entire county was there. They were there to sing and be evaluated by top judges.

It was wonderful to see so much positive energy from our young people, such beautiful voices. May all our children learn to sing together in harmony and heal the world.


Another High School

On the front lines

No distinction drawn

A wall of windows

Offers no protection

Stationed by the glass doors

I must not fear

There is a reason I am here

Always a purpose

An unwavering stance

My heart and soul

Flood with fierce love

For each one

Our children

Our future

Our joy

Today they come

Armed in chorus of voices

Let these be the only weapons

That ring out in our school halls


Judy Angelheart

2/26/18 Copyright and all rights reserved


When the world seems crazy and out of control our best defense is to lift our voices in hope, in peace, in prayer, and in song.


Sending love and healing out to all,


Postscript: I submitted this poem to Connections, a wonderful publication in the spring of 2018. The editors emailed me and said they wanted to publish it but didn’t have room in the spring edition. I emailed back and told them that I thought that the subject of the poem was so timely that they should reconsider finding room for it in the spring edition. However, they did not.
I reached out to them in fall 2018 to see if they still wanted to publish the poem and let them know that I had written a blog post. They did and it was published. I wish I could have had the chance to dedicate the poem, on page 49, to all of the young people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and to the wonderful students who I have the chance to work with here at Calvert County, Maryland, with a big shout out to Patuxent High School where I was subbing that day. Well, at least I got the chance to do it here. Thank you all of you wonderful young people.





I wish I could

Back out

Become soft again

Open to the possibilities


If only we could

Become soft


Able to see

All the possibilities



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2016

In in all the chaos of the world right now, we need to soften, not harden our hearts toward one another.

We can do this, we can become soft, tender hearted, and see the possibilities in each other.

Sending healing prayers and love out into the world.


PS: This is a crab growing, softening, becoming vulnerable and open. How about that!

11/22 I Like Doubles

Give me a double helping

Seconds if you please

More and more


Of Dancing


This is all

I need

A pinch of laughter

To lilt me away


Give me double



With love,



Sending dancing, laughing angels your way:)


The One and Only- YOU


We all have two choices

Hide away behind all kinds of false facades and walls

Or be out there

To put one’s self forward is a risky proposition

However, it was never intended to be

We are each endowed with our own unique-ness

No two of us are the same

We should celebrate this every day

Yet that is often not

What we experience

Society wants conformity

Religion wants conformity

Politics wants conformity

And the biggest

Most oppressive institution of all

The one that wants us all to fit in the same mold


Forcing their canned spam down our throats

Rather than allowing us to learn and grow



Grading and scoring

Tattooing and scarring

Then when we rebel

Don’t fit in

All hell breaks loose

We all loose

As one more

Gives up


Buries and hides

We must unearth and reveal

Revel in the ways we are designed

Look for new paradigms

To not teach but to share

To engage so that natural

Curiosities are peaked and fulfilled

No longer, dictate and define

Trying to categorize and sort

Rather, to enlarge and encompass all

While pinpointing the gift of each

Infinitely amazing

Precious ones


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved July 2015


I’m ready for this, are you?

I am celebrating the unique you:

The one, the only, often imitated but never duplicated you!

Join me in celebrating us all!

With love and celebration,



Which would you prefer

The bowl prepared for you

Or the bowl that has more

Oft we think we want the

Bowl with more

Yet what we really crave

What we truly need

Is the portion shared with love

That is what will sustain

What shall satisfy

What will give to us

Enough to share

With this we will see

We have plenty

Nothing has been held back

It matters not in the least

Should one get double

Another receive less

All to all

Wherein to increase

For to whom much is

Given much will be required

Dividends must be paid

Even on that not earned

For it is the only way

To claim

Divine rewards


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2015

This poem was conjured up from the experience of sharing ice cream. We so often think that we want the bigger portion or the huge success. However, that may not be what God has in mind for our life’s. If we take what is offered to us out of love and then share it to increase love than we can reap divine rewards and feel truly blessed.

Living the blessed life with love,


PS: I love using the word “Share” instead of “Serving” portions at the table, it gives a feeling of belonging to the whole and sharing in the wonders of the nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

Cast Upon the Water

“Cast your bread upon the water.”

Ecclesiastes 11:1

Standing at the waters edge

Gently lay blessings in

Send them off wide and far

Say a prayer to

Guide them there

Go to hands that have not

Sowed~ watered with tears

Succored to make them

Grow from tender

Shoots with bright green leaves

Surely what is shared

Shall return



Judy Angelheart

copyright and all rights reserved 2015