Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes, and comes back upon itself anew

The Angels Speak to us:

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer.

Prayer releases the power of God. Does He require this of you? No, you need to do this. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You must not let the things of this world or of the spirit world cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send love, to be love, for all those that need it.

All need love

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too mighty for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

This timeless message speaks to my heart. I hope it speaks to yours. This simple, yet powerful message tells us that we are powerful. We affect the physical and the spiritual realms with our prayers. And through those prayers, we join with God and the holy angels to live in love.

Sending you infinite love,


The Right Choice Every Time!


It’s that time of year again. That time when he negotiates with me about how much lawn to cut. The war between what we want and what the neighbors will think if we leave the grass grow long and wild. Thus the great compromise, he always leaves a generous patch of wild for me to enjoy.

We are always negotiating; picking and choosing between what we want and what we feel we have to do. It is a constant dance where our steps frequently don’t match the music.

How do we get in sync?

I had a dream the other night; actually, I had the same dream with many variations over and over again. I was presented with choices, various and sundry choices, simple and mundane choices, difficult and colossal choices. Each time I would make a choice, I would immediately question it. I would regret it and wish I had chosen the other option or I wanted something not even offered. Each time I was told to choose again. I was told that all of the choices were still available and that I couldn’t make a mistake. I was told that even if what I wanted wasn’t presented, it was also available for me to choose.

It all seemed confusing and disheartening. I wanted so desperately to make the right choice and not have to keep feeling like I had to pick again or as though I was being fickle. I truly wanted to be content and grateful.

Yet, each time I was reassured that it was okay, that whatever choice I made was the right choice. Furthermore, that all choices were there and whatever I chose would align to come to fruition.

Each time the dream was repeated it became clearer and simpler; it became fun to choose and choose again. I no longer felt pressure to make the “right” choice but instead just made choices. It was a game with no way to lose.

It felt so easy, so light to play…

Then why does it feel so difficult and heavy in real life?

Dear ones, dear sweet little ones we came to show you how easy and fun it is to choose from all of the options in front of you and ones not even seen until they are. Yes, we are laughing, a joyous laughter. Oh so joyous. You must see and know that all is open and available to you. There are no wrong turns or wrong choices. There is only your path that you walk. And if you walk it with love then you are going the right way. Moreover, if you feel like you have made a mistaken turn, then turn again. The path opens before you each time. Do not buy into the notion of right and wrong, do not allow the thoughts of world to outweigh your heart. Follow where you heart leads, the heart leads with love.

Now, now, now you say that is too simple. Too easy. You want life to be challenging and difficult. Only because someone told you it must be. You feel guilty if you have it too easy. Why? Dear ones you are not meant to struggle and live in turmoil. You are meant to be free to choose anything and live out your dreams. Each dream is a piece of the puzzle for other dreams to come true. You are an important part of all. You living in love allows someone else the freedom to choose the path of love too. You lead the way.

So dear ones open yourselves to the path of love and walk it with open hearts and open hands. Invite all to join you on this wonderful journey of love.

 Love, love, love

The Angels

I get it! I really do. It is easy. It is light. It is love.

This is how we get our music and our dance in alignment, with and through LOVE!

Come dance with me!

With open heart and open hands,


Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes and comes back upon itself anew.

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer. Prayer releases the power of God. Does he require this? No, you do. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You are not compelled, nor told to share these “ugly” visions, yet you also can not let them cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send, to be love, for the little ones that need it.

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too far for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

There is really nothing to add to this. It is beautiful and simple, like so many messages from the angels.

I want to thank all of you who read of this blog. You are amazing individuals full of love.

Sending you infinite love,


Why Wrestle

I continue to struggle and battle with myself. After all, who better to battle with? Should I wrestle with an angel? Better not, fore I know I would lose. No, it is much easier to war with myself. I am so good at it, that I practice it almost daily. My stamina is amazing as I can go at myself for hours on end; questioning decisions I have made, things I have done, and so much more. I am so harsh and hard on myself that some days I wonder how I survive. Then today, when I finally took a break from beating myself up, the came Lord and revealed himself to me.


John 15:16 says in brief:

“I have chosen you and ordained you.”


I have to ask, if God has chosen me and ordained me how can I be so hard on myself? I am chosen. I am ordained. Therefore, I can be assured that I am good enough for God and ordained for the work he has called me to do. Enough already! I no longer need to be hard on myself for not being something else, because I am not asked to be something else. I am asked to be me in the love and service of the Lord, as you are asked to be you.

Speak to us who are struggling with these issues dear angels:


We do come to speak to you and capture your hearts to hear and know the love of the Lord. For you to know that you were and are chosen to be a child of god. You must know this in your heart every day. You must know it in the very depths of your souls. To hear it and to know it in your mind is not enough. You must carry it down to your heart and allow it to take root in your soul.

There is no great mystery as to your ministry. It is a clear and simple direction to take each day and all tasks with love. To carry this love forward to all. To tell with your actions that very love that is given to you. Bestowed upon you in grace and in favor. You are a child of God. Go and be this. You struggle because the world says you must be important, you must be famous, you must be educated, you must be smart. Nay children you need only be you and love. You need only to spend your days giving love to others. In small ways, in large ways, in small ways not able to be seen by the eyes of the world. In matters of the heart it doesn’t matter the cost or the time or what you get from it. It is all of the weight of air. It measures nothing here upon this dense place. Yet, it is immeasurable in the heart of God. You must know that the love that is given you gives you all you need to reach out and do the work you are called to do. You must know that nothing is hidden from you to know or to be what you are called to be. So, fear not little ones be kind and loving. Hold fast to all that your heart knows.

Ah, little ones you did not stumble and fall. No, the wings and prayers of many held you up. Look more carefully, those are not bruises. They are marks of courage and depth of love. Brush off your tools and get back to work. You will see great results soon.

Ah, dear ones. Little lambs. Counting days, fretting away. Allow time to be undefined. Allow your schedule time to unwind. Give yourself permission to let go. Count nothing. No days. No time. No illusions of this or that. If for you can try, no try, no try just let yourself go. Go.

Last little one, this is for you. You came and read and said not for me. You were getting ready to go and instead you stayed. Hoping, praying some tiny word for you. This is for you. Yes! Yes, we know you are there and are praying for a word. A kind and gentle word. One word that would make you know and believe that this is real. That it really is real. That angels are here. And angels are near. And angels are gently in your life. What would it take for you to believe. One word. One prayer. One small treasure found. So, just like a green leaf on a dead tree signifies life. Your smile tells us you still believe tonight. Bear this one small test and you will see. Look and find blessings. The blessings are right THERE!

The Angels


Thank you dear angels for reminding us that you are near and want to speak us. This time with you is so precious. Furthermore, I am very thankful for the reminder from scripture that we are chosen; handpicked each one of us.

You were chosen to be here. You were chosen in love.



Holy Days

This time of year is so special in so many ways, as we celebrate the holidays and watch the turning of time toward a new year. Yet, for some this is not a time filled with joy but rather, it is a heavy-hearted time. However, the light and love of our savior’s birth gives us much to meditate on and allow the joy of the Lord to fill our hearts. To every one may your holy days be filled with love, fellowship, and angels.


Just a short note dear ones to let you know that we are with you at this time. It is a difficult time for many. It is a time of many tears for many. It is a time of feeling apart and alone. Many think that all have so many friends and family to be with, yet the truth is that many, even in the midst of a crowd feel so very alone. We are with you at those times, comforting your heart and soul. We wish for you to feel the warmth that we bring you. The warmth to warm your heart and spark your soul alive. Please do not despair. We are hear, we are here, we are near. Dear, dear, dear ones your little ones of heart and soul. Feel us lightly coming into your life. Coming as light as feathers and as soft as a breath.

Ah, dear ones who wonder and wait. We do attend to the littlest ones and the ones who have no voice. We attend to the animals and the sea creatures too. We reach out to all and speak the language of the heart to all. You know this and feel this. You are the most stubborn of all creation. Yet, you are also the most treasured. You and only you can think and feel and know. You can create and form. You are so wonderful. You too can reach out and touch into the hearts and souls of others. You must be mindful of the power you possess to do this. And be ever watchful that you are only producing love. For yourself, to yourself and to others; all others.

You were made for such as this. Reflect upon the miracles of the way you were created and the marvelous works that you are and that are in the universe.

Be in awe. Be in the moment of the wonder. And in the moment allow God to find you and know you. Be known. Be loved and love toward all.

Angel Signature


Thank you dear sweet angels for this powerful and loving message, filled with such comfort and joy.

Sending much love,


Perfect Timing

A Message from the Angels:

All things in their dear time. You are being cared for and love is directed your way. Many are the ways of the Lord to show his love and care. Many are the miracles around you day-to-day. There are many reasons and ways in your life~ you are often not even aware of. Times when you were protected and watched over and were never even aware.

To be sure to be sure…

Angelic language…

Dare ones dear, dear, dear ones with all affection and care we do come to you to speak to you~ to dance with you ~ to sing notes only your heart and soul can hear. Things are revealed to you in time ~  in perfect time ~  piece by piece and bit by bit as you need them and are ready for  them ~  take the next step and more appears. Finish the task and more will be asked. And remember this your love will never grow old or cold or dry if you continue to give it and use it ~ plenty and more and more.

Projections and speculations that’s how busi-ness-es run- we do not operate that way

Do~create~love~do~create~give~create~do~love and on and on and on and on…

Why do you worry and fret over such small things when there is so much love to give~ there is only love. Love protects love. Love gives love. Love grows love. Love creates love. Love always speaks true and cares for all.


The Angels


A Powerful message we all need to hear.



Angel Scribe

Your Life is not a Metaphor

When I sit down to do a reading for someone, the angels frequently want to speak to us all. Often there are messages within their message that I feel are universal, applicable to us all, that I will copy that portion and share it. Sometimes, they ask me to get a fresh piece of paper and do a separate reading, this one was written after I wrote one for a client. This one was sent for you.

Dear ones you are all further ahead than you think/feel you are. Stop berating yourselves and start enjoying all the blessings in your life. Life is not a game or a challenge or a test. Stop leading your life by metaphors. Let it be a flowing~ a blessing full of love.

Today you are given a day off from worry and woes. Today~ you can just enjoy it for all that it is.

Don’t try to find what is missing nor feel you must fill in the blanks. Just notice and appreciate all that is there.

Yes~ Dear ones~ short and sweet. Take it light and easy friends~ Dear ones.

Love and Light,

The Angels


I would love for you to linger here and read more of these wonderful messages. However, please go; enjoy, rest, or do whatever else your heart leads you to do. Yet, please come back when you have time to stay. The angels have other wonderful messages for you.


Enjoy the day,


A Cloud has Lifted

Good day, I have not posted for a while because I have been going through a rough patch. The angels reminded me this morning that is all the more reason that I do need to post; because there are others who also are hurting and having a difficult time. Why is it that we avoid one another and our fellowship with God and the angels just when we need it the most?

These stormy times in our life need to draw us in and closer to God, even if it feels like he is far, far away.

The angels wish to speak to us about these times:

Dear ones we are always with you. When you feel that life is difficult or makes you sad and depressed, we are here. When there seems more questions than answers, we are here. When you cannot find the map to navigate with, we are here. Of course you feel lost and confused but that is only because you are not in control. Let go and let God steer your vessel over the dark and stormy seas. As the winds whip and toss your tiny ship, quiet your heart and mind. Allow the torrent of rains to fall. Oh but you say that you cannot, you are afraid. This fear that you feel is the only wall between you and the love that you wish to feel. Yes, love. Love that will give you the strength, the determination, the will and the heart to go forward. To see that is the only way in which you can go. We go in all directions at once. We can travel in all ways and by all modes. Yet, you must move forward. Always toward the light of life.

Oh, oh dear ones you tremble and fret. You toss and you turn. You wail and gnash your teeth. Silly waste of time. No, we do not laugh at you. We come to comfort you and bring you the true joy you desire. Yet, you snatch away your hand. You pull back your heart. You close off the only way in. So, we wait. We stand ready. We sit by your side. We are here. We are here.

Come out of your shell and extend your hand and open your heart. This will be the secret way of the soul. The big, fat secret. Can you not hear our loving laughter? We sing to you in joyous song.

No, your pain is not small or forgotten. We wish to come and wash it away. Be open for that hand. It is coming soon.

Oh, yes it is coming soon.

The Angels


I pray that you will not stay away because of your personal pain. I apologize that I did.


Out of Sorts

I pushed myself to go to work today; twice. I had to come home for a while in between my two part-time jobs. Something in my heart and soul didn’t feel right. I came home, ate some lunch, and did an Angel reading for myself. Then I forced myself back out the door to my other job.

This evening, I still feel out of sorts. I am not sure what is going on today but I have learned to honor what I am feeling. So, I am playing uplifting music, I have said a few prayers, and now I feel compelled to come and sit with you and the angels and let them speak to us.

Something big must be going on in the world. There always is when I get like this.

I rarely just sit at the computer and type my posts. Instead, I usually sit somewhere quiet to listen to the angels and hand-write out the messages and then type up what I wrote. However, tonight I thought I needed to let it flow.

Dear ones sometimes you do need to set apart time and space to be by yourself or to listen to music you love or to just be gentle with yourself. Who are you trying to measure yourself against this time? What are you trying to figure out that has your mind so troubled? Oh dear ones you are so hard on yourselves sometimes and we just wish to bring you reassurance of the love that God has for you and the life that you lead. You do not need to keep up a crazy pace or earn millions of dollars or get straight A’s to be a good person. You don’t need to go out and give or do every day. So many of you do so much in so many small ways, that you are not even aware of. Let go of the huge expectations and high profiles to just allow yourselves to be and time to enjoy.

Oh dear, dear, dear ones. Love. Life. Oh so much of the time you spend it fretting away about cares of yours and concerns. Just for this moment let all that go. Allow the waters of life to flow over and around you and shape you. Or become like water and flow around and through the obstacles that you think stand in your way. Or just be still. Be oh so still. Gentle waters. Soft and sweet for your soul.

Drink of the living water. Drink and never thirst again. Drink and be filled to everlasting and to everlasting.

The things that you are worried about or fear are small. Oh, yet not so small for God to handle. Give it over to the one who can and wants to take your burdens away. Become light and float away. Become unburdened and light. You have made your lives too heavy. Yes, loves it is that simple and easy.

Allow the images in your head to be transformed into joyous, lovely, wondersoul visions of joy, love, laughter and more…

Oh little ones come and be, just be. Find yourself in the loving arms of God. And allow us the angels to minister to all of your needs.


The Angels


It was good to get lost in the angelic writing and drift away from whatever has me so unsettled. I am sure that as I trust God and lean into love that I will settled down and become calm.

Sending prayers and calming energy out,


In God’s Grip

God seized me today; he literally got a hold of me. It was a strange feeling to be in two worlds/realms at the same time. Everything took on a surreal quality, yet at the same time, everything was the same. It was especially interesting because I was driving at the time. Hey, I was driving under the influence of God. So, would that be a DUI?

Can you imagine me trying to explain it to a police officer:

You see officer God squeezed me tight like a boa constrictor and moved my spine just as the light changed. That’s why I hesitated before entering the intersection. Yes, officer, it was difficult to breathe. No, officer, it was not difficult to drive. You see, officer, it is because of the duality of realms; my body was in the hands of God and also driving the car. Yes, sir, I will ask God to refrain from doing such things in the future but I really have no control over the workings of God. 

I am sure that would not be a believable story. Fortunately, my driving ability was not impaired and I proceeded to drive normally while feeling anything but normal. And what God did in those few minutes was amazing.

It is often that way when one finds themselves literally gripped by the power of God; in all of his many ways.

Dear Angels please give me words to help explain what happened:

Oh Dear one you explained it well. Yet, it is difficult to find words that fit and tell all that one experiences. God works his miracles every day in so many ways. And as you experienced it doesn’t need to take long or be majorly dramatic. God works in small, tiny ways and yet if you, if you all, are open and aware of them then you will know and feel them.

Be gentle, rest, treat yourself and others well. Do not worry or be concerned thinking that nothing like this has happened to you. Oh, but it has~ not everyone is as keenly aware or as open. God respects who you are and what you can handle. Know miracles are real and they are happening around you. Simple truths, simple ways; simply know~ and know love, show love, be love.

Yes, there is evil and it binds you with fear. Drown fear with a flood; a flood of love.

Angelic writing…

 Angel Signature


It can be disconcerting to find yourself in the grip of Gods mighty power. Yet, it is humbling to know that God wants to touch us (in so many ways) and that when he does he is in control (as he always is). Yet, it is also reassuring to know that God cares and loves us to want to take away our pain, comfort us in our sorrows, and laugh with us in our joys. I pray that you find yourself in the grip of God soon.

In trust and humility,