Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes, and comes back upon itself anew

The Angels Speak to us:

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer.

Prayer releases the power of God. Does He require this of you? No, you need to do this. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You must not let the things of this world or of the spirit world cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send love, to be love, for all those that need it.

All need love

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too mighty for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

This timeless message speaks to my heart. I hope it speaks to yours. This simple, yet powerful message tells us that we are powerful. We affect the physical and the spiritual realms with our prayers. And through those prayers, we join with God and the holy angels to live in love.

Sending you infinite love,


Teach the Children

What are we teaching “our” children?


A great deal of responsibility falls on your shoulders if you are an educator, a parent or a grandparent. Yet, all of us have children in our lives, even if they are just on the outer periphery.

My children are all grown, yet I work part-time as an educator and I am a grandparent. However, my view is that as adults, we all have a obligation to teach the children…

Wherever we go, especially these days with the proliferation of cell phones and security cameras, we are being watched. Yet, even before all of the modern technology, we were being watched by little curious eyes. And behind those curious eyes are maturing, growing brains that soak up everything like a sponge.

Think back to some of your earliest childhood memories…

Hopefully, your mind brought back a delightful memory, however, for many it brought back something painful. That’s because we remember those things more strongly, they impress deep within our minds and can have a profound effect on molding who we are.

So take a moment to reflect on that same memory or another one…

If you, grown up and far removed from those events still remember them vividly and the emotions are still strong then please think about the impressionable minds of the children around you. You are molding their memories.

This puts us in a very powerful position to affect the future…

What world are you shaping by your words, your behavior and actions?

You are a powerful catalyst; everything you do and say leaves a mark…

What mark are you leaving?

I work with all ages of children

Here are some rules that we never grow too old to follow:

  • Be Polite- saying please and thank you, etc. are always in style
  • Share- there is enough for everyone, we are blessed double when we share
  • Speak Kindly or not at all- we can disagree in ways that are respectful/kind
  • Keep to Yourself- don’t go into someone else’s space uninvited
  • Put it/give it back- if you took it out/used it put it away, if you borrowed it return it
  • Keep Each Other Safe- help out when/where you are able or find someone who can
  • Don’t Litter- find a trash receptacle
  • Spread Love- it is a seed that renews and is free to share, it grows well everywhere!! 🙂

These simple rules can have a HUMONGOUS impact on the lives around you, especially the children. Oh and by the way, if you follow these rules the bounce back effect is wonderful.

Now imagine a world were everyone followed these simple precepts…

I can see it, it is just around the corner. Let’s turn that corner together!

Thanks for reading,


Oh my, my, my you are such wonderful amazing beings. We sing for you, We praise with you. You are the children of the future. You are the leaders of today. You are so wonderful and amazing. We come to bring you light and love. We come to touch upon your hearts and help you reach out in love. We shower you with love and blessings. You can share it all abundantly it will never run out. You are an overflowing vessel of all good and love. Spread your light and your love. Love, love, love……….

The Angels



Crazy Happy or is it Happy Crazy?

Yesterday everything was driving me crazy; I could list them all but that would be tiresome. In addition, I don’t like to use my Word Press or my Facebook page to rant, therefore, I will not start doing so now. To be honest, I usually rant in private, which I am sure drives God crazy. Wait, can someone drive God crazy? I have often thought I had such power, to make God crazy, or mad or upset or wrathful. The truth is I do not have that kind of power, or better put, I cannot control God. Yet, I do have the power to make myself crazy, or upset, or whatever. Actually, I am very powerful in my own life to create my moods. I sometimes forget this, as I let my emotions get the best of me at times, as I did yesterday.



All the things

I thought

I couldn’t be

I can


All the things

I thought

I would never do

Are possibilities


All that God

Ever asked of me

Was to be



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2016


After some foot stomping and fit throwing and a good cry, I calmed down. I realized that I was letting something minor get the best of me and I needed to get “it” back so that I could offer the best of me to others.


Dear ones anger, disappointment, happiness, and all are emotions. Why fear them. They are just that; emotions that come and go. What you really fear is letting go and having no control. Maybe these outbursts are just what you need to feel out of control and to totally let go and soar.


Let go loves, let go and flow. No judgement. Only flow. Only love, loves.


The Angels


This is a good message from the angels that gives us a wonderful way to look at the emotions that we have and how to allow them to flow. They are a conduit to letting go and soaring. I want to soar on laughter. I’m going to conjure up some fun today so that I can soar on some laughter and joy.

Yes, that’s just what I am going to do, with a little bit of alchemy and some friends, I am sure there will be laughter today.




Can I Get Your Attention, Please?!

DSCN2642His name is Bear. He is a Westie, a West Highland Terrier. He may have been born the runt of the litter but he was given major attitude. And it has only grown. Being a senior dog, he doesn’t hear or see well anymore, which only contributes to his attitude issues.

He likes to rest under my chair or desk, right next to my feet. This is fine with me, except when I get up and move his reaction is extreme. He growls and goes into attack mode. Since, my feet are typically bare or not completely covered during these summer months I have to be cautious. The problem is I often forget or don’t realize he is there. Talk about your sneak attack.

Today I knew he was there, so I called his name, once, no reaction. I called it again and got some acknowledgement so I figured it was okay to get up. I was wrong. He snarled and went into attack mode.

It occurred to me that I am often like that when God and the angels are attempting to get my attention. They call but I am too busy to hear. They call again but I am otherwise occupied. They tap me lightly on the shoulder and I ignore it. They prod and I want to attack.

Why do I do this? Why do we all do this?

We know that they come with love and blessings and yet we get upset when they interrupt our lives for such things. We get snarky and swat away the gifts they are bringing us.

This is why we are asked, nay charged with being awake in the spirit. We must live in the spirit and walk in the spirit, ever ready to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

Angels what say you?

Dear ones we always come to you gently and on a soft breeze, even when you deem something urgent we know that we can come softly and gently to bring the love and healing you need. We do come justly and in force, (numbers) when needed yet even then, we do it with light and love.

Oh dear sweet ones you want us to come and yet when we do you ignore us and shoo us away. You tell us our timing is not right when our timing is always perfect.

Love and the energy we bring. It is always in sync with what is perfect for you at that very moment.

We do call, we do prod, we do…

Yet often we whisper, we lightly brush, we flash past…


Open and allow

Invite us in and allow us to come

The Angels


Thank you angels for the reminder that once we invite you in we need to be open and allow you to come in.

Say this three times:

Invoking the angels to come…

I am open and allowing them to come…

Sending angels out to softly touch and speak to you,


Postscript: Bear went over the Rainbow Bridge in August 2016. Rest in peace my buddy Bear.  Thank you for assisting me in writing one of the best posts I have ever written.

Portals of Angelic Activity

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Two major storms in less than a week. In many ways there is nothing unusual about that, after all it was hurricane/tornado season and storms are becoming more frequent everywhere.

However, these two major storm systems had been centered over my little town. The pictures and the weather reports only confirmed what I already knew; that God was opening a portal over where I live, a portal from heaven to earth, one of great angelic energy.

God loves a good show, so he sends dark clouds, thunder, lightning and heavy winds to get our attention. Let me tell you, God already had my attention. Yet, he really got my attention with the perform he put on. The cloud formations were impressive as was the light show.

God is calls me and challenges me to share his message of love and reconciliation with YOU!

You may be wondering why God uses someone like me. I have often wondered the same thing. The reason is that God is uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Trust me, I am just an ordinary person living a small life in a small town, and truth be told, I like it that way. I only write and share because I am told to. I am compelled to share. This is to build up the kingdom of heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Portals are very powerful places for angelic activity. Here I am humbly amidst all of this activity of swirling, opening electric energy of God and the angels.

The storm had quieted. Rest and dreams called to me.

Deep spiritual work of healing and blessing will be done under the protective cloak of sleep. For in sleep my spirit connects with others on a deep spiritual level. In sleep we are more open and truthful, we resist less and take more; take more of what we truly need. In this realm, I am able to work with God and the angels to offer blessings and healing.

That morning I awoke to find the world renewed. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The temperatures had cooled and the damp humidity was gone. The world was awash in green.

Some may look around after such a storm and see damage and destruction but God asks us to focus on the beauty of the light filled day.

Blessing all,


Dear ones such swirling activity and energy is coming to you at this time. Many such portals are being opened. Many such places are being charged and re-calibrated to the high frequency of angelic activity. Do not be alarmed by such things. Glory in that you are witness and part of such chargings. Stand in the power given to you and use it to spread the love and blessings.

Dear, dear, dear ones we are with you. We are near. So much is happening right now.

You are in a time of much spiritual work.

You are drawn here and placed here.

Know this to be true.

Know this to be love.

Be love, loves.

The angels

Misty Morning


It is eight o’clock on a rainy morning. I know it is eight o’clock because the National Anthem is echoing across the Patuxent River from the Naval Base. I pause to listen. I pause to give thanks for my country and those who serve to protect it. I send up prayers for their safety and for the safety of all who protect. I send up prayers for those who heal. I send up prayers for those who teach, and that leads to another group and another and another…

Much like if you give a mouse a cookie, one prayer leads to another. This is how prayer becomes alive, how they become unceasing, as we continuously offer prayers and intersessions.

I look out the window and see that the rain has slowed to a gentle mist. This is how I envision prayers being, a gentle mist covering everything in a light coating of love.

Can you feel that falling upon you?

Yesterday morning I went for a bike ride. Accompanying me on my ride was a group of angels. They spoke to me and asked me thought provoking questions. They expounded upon and clarified some complicated concepts. They would tell me something and then ask “Yes?” and I would answer “Yes.” Each time they spoke a truth to me they wanted to know if I grasped it and agreed. These were not asked lightly, though it felt light. They gently gave me time to process the question before I agreed, because agreement is important. The angels will not go against our will. Often they need our agreement so that they/we can release the power they bring.

This is an important concept and one you can use as a way to test spirits to make sure they are loving, kind and benevolent. You must be mindful, as they were with me, to ask questions with a yes or no answer. Questions that can be answered by a Yes or a No allow you to get clear answers without anything else attached to it. Some people us a pendulum for this. Always ask them if they are of the white light and of love. Most importantly, remember you have command over the angels so if you suspect for one moment that you are being visited by dark spirits command them to leave and they must. Do all these things under the power and protection of our Lord Jesus.

The part I want to share with you is in relationship to time and our concept of it. God and the angels do not operate on/by our standard of time. I wrote another post about what the angels have to say about the concept of time.

They asked me what I saw around me. I looked and noticed that all around me everything is growing. Everywhere I looked, I saw green. They told me this is green time. Instantly, I loved the concept of time as a color. When I got down near the water they directed me to look again at what was around me; water. This then became what time it was, a time of water and tides; a time of continuous movement. They pointed out that the wind was blowing thus creating another dimension to the movement of the water and the waves.

Dear ones time is an illusion. What is real is what is around you. Look and see what is there. That my loves is what time it is. That is what needs your attention and focus. Yes time is color or an event or a nothing at all. Do not be bound by time. Be open to what is around you.

The Angels

Staying excited about this Green Time in my life. So many things are growing and blooming right now.


Taking Measurements

Angelic activity is always going on, yet sometimes, they seem to be working overtime. The moment I typed that, it hit me how ridiculous that statement is, since the angels neither work nor do time; let alone overtime. They do not operate in the sense of time or space; they are not confined to such things. Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to have that same sense of no time and no space.

I had one of those experiences this morning.

They want me to share with you about visions, it is important for you to understand how quickly they transport us to another dimension and back again.

I had a vision of an open door that led to a deep expanse of darkness. Yet, there was nothing foreboding about this darkness, it was more of portal. I had the sense of being invited to enter. Just as quickly the vision was gone. The door, I realized, was the door to the guest bedroom that I always keep closed.

The angels want you to know that they will show you things that do not make sense to your logical mind, things that will make you shake your head and question if you really saw it. This happens frequently with the angels.

Seeing this vision led me to open the door and go in the room. This is the room where I display many of my angels and spiritual objects. My eyes were drawn to the collection of angels on top of my antique hutch. I felt a male angelic presence. My next thought was that I have rarely seen male angel statues. However, I am most often visited by male angels.

The angels want you to know that they are neither male nor female but that they do present themselves ways that we can recognize and they carry energetic frequencies that we would equate with feminine and masculine energy.

Later, when I was making my bed and preparing for the day, I was thinking the word ministry but I said measure. Yes, I talk to myself. I then said that I do not measure up; that I would be weighed and found lacking (see Daniel 5:27).

I was immediately, rebuked by the spirit, and told I was perfect- made just for the purpose that God has in mind for me.

Then, when I was getting my breakfast, an angel told me to stop what I was doing and to stand with my arms up, in line with my shoulders.

I stood facing the angel that had directed me. I then felt the presence of a large male angel behind me running something down my spine to my legs and out both of my arms. He then stretched my arms open and back. He released me quickly and I sprang back to standing. I heard the two angels conferring about me but could not really distinguish any of their words. Yet, I had a sense that they agreed that I was the perfect measurement for ME!

*I always want to make sure I am using a word correctly, so I checked an online dictionary. I am confident the angels led me to use the word confer;

Confer- verb- to consult together, to compare opinions, to carry on a discussion

Confer- verb- to bestow a gift, favor or honor

I am confident that angels conferred a blessing on me this morning. However, this message is for you too. You too are the perfect measure to do what God has gifted you to do. When we are operating from our gifts, we feel joyful and energetic. So, please stop comparing yourself and putting yourself down and instead start celebrating all of the wonderfulness of YOU!

With love,

Juju and the angels

Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes and comes back upon itself anew.

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer. Prayer releases the power of God. Does he require this? No, you do. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You are not compelled, nor told to share these “ugly” visions, yet you also can not let them cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send, to be love, for the little ones that need it.

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too far for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

There is really nothing to add to this. It is beautiful and simple, like so many messages from the angels.

I want to thank all of you who read of this blog. You are amazing individuals full of love.

Sending you infinite love,


Wholly Whole

“The only antidote to the unnerving effect of such incoherence is integrity. People and organizations with integrity are wholly themselves. No aspect of self stands different or apart. At their center is clarity, not conflict. When they get away inside to find themselves, there is only one self there.”

A Simpler Way by Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner Rogers


I feel like I am always working on myself; that I am in a constant struggle to define who I am, but then I realize what I’m really working on is un-defining myself from the labels and views that others thrust upon me and to see myself in the true light of the one who created me.

We are all working at being better people. Often that requires that we strip away the old definitions of who we are and redefine ourselves. Yet, more often, what we need to do is discard the labels that others put on us and find our true God given character. This is a freeing process as it allows us to become who we were meant to be.

So, when you find yourself feeling incongruent ask for assistance. God and the holy angels are always here to assist you in being wholly yourself in all of your love and power. You are the only you, and as such, the world needs you to be truly and wholly all that you are meant to be.

Dear ones we wait for the releasing of the power, yet we do come unbidden because there are others who are asking on your behalf. There are so many who are lifting you up. Often you will have no idea of the power and protection all around you. Have faith that we are there and we are bringing so much love and joy to your life.

The Angels 

I pour my prayers out for you; I pour my love out to you.

Dear angels lifting so many in prayer so they may know the love and light that true knowing/being brings. May they know that power and be lifted up and brought to a place where they can be wholly themselves. Amen.


Clinging to the Positive

WOW! It sure was hot this weekend; that is uncharacteristic of October weather in the northeastern part of the country. The leaves are falling off the trees, just as they should be, however due to the lack of rain; we are not seeing the beautiful colors we usually do this time of year.

It was a great fall weekend full of festivals and fun. The only problem with the great weather and all of the local festivals was choosing which ones to attend. The thing is that you just can’t go wrong. That is frequently the way it is, so many wonderful things to do and see; so much fun to be had.

Yet, occasionally, no matter what, it is difficult to find the fun in life. There are too many trials and tribulations happening everywhere you turn that it all seems sour and dull. Something always seems like it is looming right over your head, ready to fall and ruin it all.

I have been asked how I can stay so positive in the midst of it all; and truth be told it is very difficult at times. I am human and it hurts. I have experienced many hardships in my life. However, what I have come to realize is that no matter the traumatic past or current hardship there is always love. Love never fails, it shines through the darkest situations to penetrate and permeate my life. And it will do the same for yours.

Dear dear dear dear ones, we are here to offer you so much comfort and support in all that you are going through. You are precious ones. Each and every one of you. Not one of you are here by accident. You were placed here. You were made for this time. And you are here for a purpose and a reason. The reason is for love. Please know that the simplicity of our message doesn’t negate the importance of it.

Know too that even those who came before you and those who will come after you are important.

There are those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. There are those who grief the loss of the little ones that died before being born. Know that they were cradled home. Not one is forgotten or unaccounted for. We hold them. We love them.

Remember the ones who have departed, each one leaves behind a mark. Each one brushes a stroke across the canvas and leaves indelible lines for all time.

You too will leave a mark. You too will leave a sign of where you have been. This is a wonderful statement of the ways and effects of each one of you.

Hold fast to what you are and the love we have planted in your heart.

 The Angels


I hold to the love that was planted in my heart before I was ever born, this is how I cling to the positive and keep my chin up no matter how bleak it may seem. No one or nothing can alter that. It was a seed given just to me; as your seed was given to you. As we discover and nurture our seed it grows. And as our seeds grow they provide love for others. And so on and so on and so on. The love can’t be contained or restrained!

Today and every day, I’m sending out the rain of love to assist you in growing your seed.